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Dream Team enemy
Antasmunchie Antasmunchie spiked form
Location(s) Dreamy Neo Bowser Castle
Role Support
Position Normal
Level 34
HP 90
Power 275
Defense 344
Speed 70
Weakness Jump
Experience 0 (0)
Coins 0 (0%)
Item drop Max Candy (2%)
None (0%)
No Hitter
World Dream
Screenshot of the battle against Antasma in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.
Antasmunchies surrounding Antasma.

Antasmunchies are support enemies created by Antasma in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. They are black orbs with a red swirl in them that Antasma consumes to give him the POW Up status for several turns.

In battle, Antasma creates Antasmunchies in rings around him. Before attacking, he will consume up to three of these as a means of acquiring or maintaining the POW Up status. At the beginning of the battle, Antasma will start off with ten, but may surround himself with up to twenty. Mario can destroy these Antasmunchies, but Antasma will spawn more of them on his turn. Antasma may also draw Dreamy Luigi from Mario's body to throw into any of the remaining Antasmunchies, which he then shuffles around. If Mario fails to destroy the Antasmunchie that Dreamy Luigi is trapped in, Antasma will eventually consume it; increasing his power greatly until he spits Dreamy Luigi out turns after. While Dreamy Luigi is consumed, the player can't use Luiginary Attacks.

Aside from being consumed to increase power, Antasmunchies can also attack. When Antasma's health gets low, he will begin to hibernate much like a bat would. Naturally, he cannot attack in this state, so the Antasmunchies grow appendages (legs) as well as spikes. In this state, they fight for him by charging at Mario from all directions and can deal out the DEF Down status if he gets hit from them. Mario must counter-attack with his hammer to avoid damage. Sometimes, Antasma's eyes shine, causing the screen to turn upside down. If Mario does not defeat all of the Antasmuchies, Antasma will replenish 200 HP per his attack turn. In their normal state, they take critical damage from Jump attacks.

Antasmunchies also change Antasma's chasing attack depending on how much he eats. If he eats one or two, he will summon smaller orbs, far apart. This gives the player much more room in the middle of the ring, but the player must delay a bit when he closes the ring. If he eats one, he repeats this three times. If he eats two, he repeats this four times. If he eats three orbs, he summons much larger orbs, much closer together. This gives the player much less room to maneuver in the middle, and makes it so that the player must jump immediately when Antasma closes the ring. He repeats this version four times.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アクムキャンディ
Akumu Kyandi
Nightmare Candy;「アクム」is also a variation of「アックーム」(Akkūmu, "Antasma")

French (NOA) Phobonbon
Portmanteau of Phobieux ("Antasma") and bonbon ("candy")
French (NOE) Cochonirie
Portmanteau of cochonnerie ("junk") and onirique ("oneiric")
German Antasnack
Portmanteau of "Antasma" and "snack"
Italian Caramella Inkubak
Antasma Candy
Russian Леденец Мракулы
Ledenets Mrakuly
Antasma's candy

Spanish (NOA) Postrespectro
Portmanteau of espectro ("ghost") and postre ("treat")
Spanish (NOE) Caramelillo
Portmanteau of caramelo ("candy") and the diminutive -illo