Sorrow Fist

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You want to spar with me? I'm not really that buff...
Sorrow Fist, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Dream Team enemy
Sorrow Fist
Sorrow Fist
Location(s) Dreamy Wakeport
Level 14
HP 395
Power 139
Defense 75
Speed 115
Weakness None
Experience 200 (240)
Coins 50 (100%)
Item drop Super Candy (30%)
HP Knockout Bangle (5%)
No Hitter
World Dream

Sorrow Fist is a character that appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, as one of Big Massif's four Hooraw disciples that must be fought in the Beef-off. He is a thin Hooraw with blue hair and pants, a sad face and an inferiority complex. Of the Hooraw disciples, Sorrow Fist has the highest HP, the second-to-lowest DEF and SPEED and the second-to-highest POW. Sorrow Fist and the other Hooraws show up when Mario and Dreamy Luigi arrive at the tour center at Dreamy Wakeport, where they and the tour guide explain that they must be defeated in order to face Big Massif himself. The Hooraws then go to hide, Sorrow Fist going down the blue pipe in the next room.

In battle, Sorrow Fist surrounds himself with Hooraws. In order to defeat him, Mario must have all of his attacks end up with Excellent! ratings -- anything short of that requirement will cause him to be healed of all damage taken so far. In one attack, a seashell will drop from the sky, which Sorrow Fist will hit, sending it flying at Mario, and can be reflected with the Hammer. Sorrow Fist will also charge at Mario, flailing his arms, which can be countered by jumping on him if his arm is waving forward, but must be jumped over if Sorrow Fist waves his arm upwards.

The Hooraws show up once again to watch their master take on Mario and Dreamy Luigi, and leave after he is defeated.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese デシブルー
Deshi Burū
Disciple Blue
French (NOE) Disciple bleu Blue disciple
German Faustsorg Sorrow Fist
Italian Allievo Blu Blue Pupil
Korean 제자블루
Jeja Beullu
Pupil Blue
Portuguese (NOE) Indiscipesaroso Portmanteau of "indisciplinado" (undisciplined) and "pesaroso" (mournful)
Russian Рыдалко
From "pыдать" (rydat, to sob)
Spanish (NOA) Puño Achacoso Ailing Fist
Spanish (NOE) Pupilo Azul Blue Pupil (Hooraws Spanish name)


  • When Sorrow Fist is hit, he appears to look like Edvard Munch's The Scream painting.