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Dream Team enemy
An Icead.
Location(s) Dreamy Mount Pajamaja
Level 18
HP 125
Power 137
Defense 98
Speed 70
Weakness Fire
Experience 50 (60)
Coins 20 (100%)
Item drop Super Candy (5%)
Secret Box (1%)
No Hitter 24
World Dream

Iceads are volcano-shaped enemies composed of ice that appear in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. The enemy's name is a pun on "ice" and "sad". In the field, Iceads engulf themselves in sheer cold and chase after Mario and Dreamy Luigi upon sight, stopping after exhausting itself, where it can then be easily hit with a First Strike briefly. If not disturbed, Iceads wander around aimlessly.

Iceads usually appear in battle with their fiery counterparts, Magmads, and thus often attack together. Iceads (usually with Magmads) can attack by approaching Mario from the front and back sides of him and forming a stack on either or both sides if there are more than two enemies involved in the attack. The Magmads and Iceads will then start firing fiery and icy blasts respectively one at a time at Mario, who must jump over the ground level blasts and idle under higher level blasts in order to avoid taking damage. If an icy blast misses Mario, it will continue on to hit whatever is straight ahead if anything, dealing 30 damage in normal mode, and 37 damage in hard mode towards Magmads and healing 30 HP towards Iceads.

Iceads (usually with Magmads) can also attack by making itself liquid and oozing to one of Mario's unoccupied four sides, up to four enemies being involved in this attack. Occasionally, one of them will stick part of its head out before to re-solidifying itself and firing either a fiery or icy blast at Mario. He must keep facing and hammering the Magmad or Icead who sticks their head out until the attack ends to avoid taking damage.

An Icead may also individually approach Mario and charge into him while engulfed in ice, repeating this several times as it goes back and forth. Mario must jump over the Icead before it hits him to avoid taking damage. Occasionally during this attack, the Icead's sheer cold may wear off and it will be vulnerable to being jumped on while in that state.

It is possible for an Icead to transform into a Magmad once it takes damage.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アイスン
Derived from "ice" and following the format of「マグマン」(Maguman, Magmad)
French Givrus From "givre" (frost) with "-us"
German Frostirr Pun on "frost" and "Irrlicht" (Will-o'-the-wisp)
Italian Ghiaccide From "ghiaccio" (ice) and possibly the suffix "-cide" (means "to kill")
Portuguese Gélidus From "gélido" (icy)
Russian Ледун
From "лёд" (lyod, ice) and possibly "-ун" (-un, a Russian suffix equivalent to "-er")
Spanish (NOA) Gelimalo From "gélido" (icy) and "malo" (bad)
Spanish (NOE) Gelus From "gélido" (icy) with "-us"