Deco Pi'illo

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This article is about the variant of Pi'illos. For the Piranha Plants covered in goop, see Proto Piranha.
Deco Pi'illo
A Deco Pi'illo from Mario & Luigi Dream Team
First appearance Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (2013)
Variant of Pi'illo

Deco Pi'illos, also known as gatekeepers, are characters in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. They are purple Pi'illos with a blue gem on their head. While petrified, their pillow has a pattern of a white gem with a gray burst coming from it. Five Deco Pi'illos are found in in Dozing Sands, with most hidden under glowing rocks that must be broken with the Drilldigger. When the Nightmare Chunks are destroyed and a Deco Pi'illo is restored, it thanks Mario and Luigi by rewarding them with a Dozite.


The first Deco Pi'illo is balanced on a cactus, and Mario can use his hammer to knock it down. Once it is rescued, after a brief conversation with Prince Dreambert, it gives Mario a Dozite that goes into a Zeekeeper statue and raises platforms in a sand flow. It tells Mario to look for the other Deco Pi'illos in the area.

At the end of Britta's Drilldigger tutorial, she encourages Mario and Luigi to break one final rock. A Deco Pi'illo is revealed, and Starlow encourages Luigi to sleep on it and enter the Dream World. When Mario frees this Pi'illo, he and Luigi explain that the Dream Stone has been stolen. The Deco Pi'illo gives them a Dozite to open a path towards the Dream Stone's location, and encourages them to find the other three Deco Pi'illos.

Another Deco Pi'illo can be found in the lower right area, along the Drilldigger tracks. When it is woken up, it warns Mario and Luigi of a beast nearby, after giving them a Dozite. The fourth Deco Pi'illo is found in a looping, circular area under a large rock. It comments that Dozing Sands has changed since it fell asleep, and rewards them with the fourth Dozite.

The fifth and final Deco Pi'illo is surrounded by a circle of unbreakable rocks. Once the fourth Deco Pi'illo is rescued and Torkscrew appears, it pushes the Deco Pi'illo away and then swallows it. When Torkscrew is chased down into another area, it spits up the Deco Pi'illo. Luigi is initially hesitant to sleep on it, but does so anyways after Starlow urges him to. After being freed, the Deco Pi'illo gives Mario and Luigi the final Dozite and tells them to check on the Dream Stone. As with other Pi'illos, Mario and Luigi can return to a Deco Pi'illo to either talk to it or revisit its Dream World.