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Dream Team Enemy
Location(s) Somnom Woods
Level 28
HP 138
Power 247
Defense 277
Speed 105
Weakness None
Experience 290 (348)
Coins 50 (100%)
Item Drop Taunt Ball (5%)
Bare Hammer DX (2%)
No Hitter 45
World Real

Eyepi'illos are enemies that appear in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. In the field, Eyepi'illos sit still on the ground, as if it is deactivated. When Mario and Luigi approach, it activates, signalled by a pinkish light forming in the Eyepi'illo. It then rises to a high altitude and starts to chase Mario and Luigi, charging up and firing a laser beam at them while doing so.

In battle, Eyepi'illos can float up into the sky, land in front a Bro, and start spinning rapidly, with its inside lighting up with a pinkish tint as it charges up a laser beam. The Bro it it landed in front of must hammer the Eyepi'illo before it fires the laser at him, and must whack it when it's not facing either Mario or Luigi, as the Eyepi'illo fires the energy ball in the direction it was facing when hit, which hits anything in its path, friend or foe.

The Eyepi'illo may also float near the Bro it plans to attack, charge up, and fire a barrage of three to five laser blasts at the approached Bro, who must jump to avoid it. If successful in avoiding the lasers, the Eyepi'illo will then float down to ground level and charge at the same Bro, who must jump on or over the Eyepi'illo to avoid it.

When it is low on HP, it will circle around the two Bros while flaming. The Bros must hammer the Eyepi'illo when it crosses above one of their heads. If they successfully hammer the flying machine, it is sent flying into another enemy, damaging the enemy in its explosion. If they take too long to hammer the Eyepi'illo, it explodes and dies, damaging an unlucky Bro.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マクラノアイ
Spanish (NOA) Ojo Modorro Pi'illo Eye
Spanish (NOE) Almohadojo From almohada (pillow) and ojo (eye)
French (NOE) Koussinœil From "Koussinos" (Pi'illo) and "œil" (eye)
German Kissina From Kisso (Pi'illo)
Italian Guancialocchio From "Guancialino" (pi'illo) and "occhio" (eye)
Russian Грезоглаз
From Грёза (Dream) and Глаз (Eye)


  • Eyepi'illos have numerous similarities to the Pi'illodium. They both:
    • Have similarly patterned wings that help them float.
    • Shoot lasers that lower the Bros' DEF.
    • Self-destruct when on low HP unless defeated soon after.
    • Explode and deal massive damage if the Bros. fail to defeat them.
    • Are fought in Somnom Woods, more notably Pi'illo Temple.