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Ultibed from Mario and Luigi Dream Team
"The ultimate bed, created by Bedsmith. Capable of providing profound sleep."
First appearance Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (2013)

The Ultibed is a bed in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team that is created by Bedsmith. It consists of the five Zee Parts: the Mushrise Tree Board, the Driftwood Jellyfish Sheets, the Pajamaja Rock Frame, the Dozing Mattress and the Zeekeeper's Feathers. When Mario and Luigi find all five parts, they head to Wakeport to find Bedsmith, whom they eventually find at Pi'illoper's house and revive him.

They follow him to Somnom Woods where he creates the Ultibed. Luigi cannot create a Dream Portal to access Dreamy Somnom Woods, the Dream World the Zeekeeper resides in, unless he sleeps on the Ultibed in the Pi'illo Temple, which is said to magnify his dream powers.

Zee Parts[edit]

List of Zee Parts
Part Location Image Hint 1 Hint 2 Hint 3 Hint 4 In-game description
Pajamaja Rock Frame Mount Pajamaja Ultibed The Pajamaja Rock Frame is somewhere on Mount Pajamaja. Can you find it? Go there and search for clues! According to the Massif Bros., the tour's ultimate goal is to find the treasure of Mount Pajamaja. Could it be one of the Zee Parts? NA: The treasure was indeed the Pajama Rock Frame, but it can't be utilized right now. It's covered with nightmare chunks...
PAL: The treasure was indeed the Pajamaja Rock Frame, but it can't be utilised right now. It's covered with nightmare chunks...
The nightmare chunks have been broken, so the frame can finally be used! The four solid legs make it super steady.
Dozing Mattress Dozing Sands Ultibed The Zeekeeper Statue claims the Dozing Mattress lies hidden in Dozing Sands. Where in that vast region could it be? NA: Britta tried to drill in a new spot but was thwarted by a high wall. Rumor has it there's a treasure hidden beyond this point...
PAL: Britta tried to drill in a new spot but was thwarted by a high wall. Rumour has it there's a treasure hidden beyond this point...
There's a spot where the raw materials of the Dozing Matress, the Dozing Drops, fall under the desert. Suspicious...
The Dozing Drop in the Dreampoint became solid and turned into the Dozing Mattress! Now THAT is comfort!
Zeekeeper's Feathers Pi'illo Castle Ultibed The Battle Ring, which is somewhere in Pi'illo Castle, boasts some really rare items! It seems like you can claim the Zeekeeper's Feathers by besting Grobot X in the Battle Ring.
You got the feathers after beating the powerful Grobot X! Who wouldn't want to get tickled by these feathers?
Mushrise Tree Board Mushrise Park Ultibed Mushrise Park has been mostly abandoned, but perhaps someone knows something about the Mushrise Tree Board? Brickle seems to have the Mushrise Tree Board. He'll give it to you, but only if you agree to do some rock clearing in return!
You cleared the rocks and got the board! This is a valuable piece of a legendary giant tree that has decayed over the years.
Driftwood Jellyfish Sheets Driftwood Shore1 Ultibed The Driftwood Jellyfish Sheets, as the name implies, are said to be on Driftwood Shore. Who might know about them? Find a secret cave somewhere at the beach, and search within! Be sure to look around the places you've already visited as well. Some fiends stole the item you found! The old man at the Mole Hunt seems to know where the suspects are off too... The old man at the Mole Hunt says the thieves who took your item are heading towards Pi'illo Blimport. You beat the thieves and got the sheets! Driftwood jellyfish are incredibly rare—they only appear once every thousand years!

1 - Originally in Driftwood Shore, but stolen by the Fly Guy R thieves and taken to Pi'illo Blimport, where they are obtained.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キューキョク ベッド
Kyūkyoku Beddo
Ultimate Bed
Dutch Droombed Dream Bed
French (NOA) Ultilit -
German Ultibett Ulti Bed
Italian Ultraletto Ultra Bed
Portuguese Miticama From "mítica" (mythical) and "cama" (bed)
Spanish (NOA) Unicama From unida (united) and cama (bed)
Spanish (NOE) Supercama From "super-" and "cama" (bed)