Dozing Ore

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Dozing Ore is a mineral that appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. It is a gleaming rainbow-colored mineral that naturally occurs as a stalactite; the end of the stalactite oozes out the mineral's liquid form, Dozing Drops, and as the Dozing Drops fall through a particular Dreampoint into the Dream World, they reach solid ground and re-solidify to form the Dozing Mattress.

Mario and Luigi encounter a Dozing Ore stalactite in a room east of Dozing Sands while searching for the Dozing Mattress. Because they were near a Dreampoint, the Dozing Mattress was nowhere to be found in the Real World. However, upon entering the Dream World, Mario found the Dozing Drops continued through the realm, and found the Dozing Mattress not too long after.