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Not to be confused with Ring-a-Ding.
A possible Ding-a-Ring puzzle

Ding-a-Ring[1] is a minigame in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. It is run by some playful Nommons in two different areas of Somnom Woods. The minigame is mandatory once, but it can be optionally played in an area further north, and can be replayed by talking to the Nommons in the northeast section of Somnom Woods.

In this minigame, Mario and Luigi must use the Ball Hop technique a limited number of times to pass through rings in a certain order on a grid-like terrain. The vast majority of the terrain consists of dirt patches that cannot be bounced on more than once, though there are also stone platforms that can be bounced on an infinite number of times, and Nommons that must be avoided entirely. Failure to avoid either of the two types of obstacles (except when passing through the very last ring) or running out of moves causes the player to lose a heart, and if the player loses five hearts (three in the optional playthrough), the game results in a loss. The player wins the minigame once the Bros. beat three challenges.


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