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“Maybe you don't like orders, huh? From ya... SUPERVISOR?!”
Brickle, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Brickle artwork from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Species Brock
First appearance Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (2013)

Brickle (sometimes referred to as Boss Brickle by his employees) is a Brock who appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, and is both the proprietor of Mushrise Park, and the one in possession of Eldream's Pillow, which Mario and Luigi chase him around the park for, as Eldream is one of the only Pi'illos to know about Dream's Deep, likely Peach's current location at the time. Brickle resembles Broque Monsieur greatly, although Brickle wears a blue cap with a small turbine on it, making it look like a propeller hat usually seen in most comics, he has a triangular moustache, and blue boots, and speaks with a heavy Bronx accent.


Little is known about Brickle's history prior to the events of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, apart from the fact that he came to Pi'illo Island to make a fresh start as he apparently hadn't been doing much good with his life before that.

Brickle first appears in Mushrise Park, and the brothers ask Eldream's pillow from him. He refuses, however, and runs away. The brothers try following him, but the flower platforms which leads to him wilt, as a tornado blows the turbines away, making the fountain which was watering the flowers stop. With the help of the Hammers which the brothers pick up on the way, they are able to make the fountain work again and proceed further.

Brickle is next seen again on top of a fountain, which he falls into. The brothers then go down to the underground, where the water pipes suck up the water. They then make the fountain explode because of the water pressure. Brickle, after that, agrees to give them the pillow, along with 10 attack pieces to Luigi, containing the attack: 3D Green Shell. He asks the brothers to go to his hut to use the pillow, then goes ahead. Once there, however, they find a malfunctioning Grobot, who got hit by the fountain exploding. It serves as the third boss in the game.

Brickle's dreamy counterpart is seen in Dreamy Mushrise Park. He helps the brothers chase the rabbit holding Eldream's Nightmare Chunk, but only for his personal interest, to make the rabbit his park's mascot. He tries several methods in getting the Dreambunny including teaming up with the Mario Bros., who were after the bunny too, and even dressing up as a carrot. After freeing Eldream, Mario is able to access Dream's Deep, and Dreamy Brickle opens a new shop in the park.

Later on, when the Dreambeats are playing, he is seen listening to them, making him fall asleep and a Dream Orb appears. Later, during the Bros.' hunt for the Zee Parts, Brickle is found by the broken fountain, seemingly troubled by the sheer mass of rocks in areas of the park. Upon spotting Mario and Luigi and being asked if he's seen the Mushrise Tree Board anywhere in the park, he reveals that he has it in his hands at the moment, but only agrees to give them information as long as they smash some rocks throughout the park. Upon the Bros.' quick success at this, they return to a pleased Brickle and follow him through the Maintenance Hut and into an area that was not previously accessible due to a Brock standing guard. Brickle stops before a large wooden chair-like stump, where what is soon proven to be the Mushrise Tree Board sits. Once it's confirmed to be the Mushrise Tree Board, Brickle then returns to work.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ブリックル
From "brick" and the male name "Michael"
French (NOA) M. Brikol Short for "monsieur" (mister) + pun on "brique" (brick) and "bricole" (DIY)
French (NOE) Brikol Pun on "brique" (brick) and "bricole" (DIY)
German Blöckle -
Italian Brickle
Portuguese Bloco Block
Russian Блокоус Иваныч
Blokous Ivanych
From "блок" (blok, block) and Russian patronymic "Иваныч" (Ivanych)
Spanish (NOA) Blocardo From "bloque" (brick) and common Spanish name "Ricardo"
Spanish (NOE) Quebradiego Portmanteau of "quebrar" (to break) and male name "Diego"