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Species Hooski
First appearance Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (2013)
“Hoo! Such pretty flowers! So glad we came hoo!”
Hoola, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

Hoola is a character in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. She is a Hooski vacationing in Wakeport with her love interest, Hoolo, who plans to propose to her, though she is greatly unaware, rather occupied with flowers. Mario and Luigi are tasked with helping Hoolo propose to her with the Pi'illo Ring to great success. They become fiancés, and Mario and Luigi are rewarded handsomely.


Hoola, with Hoolo nearby, is seen near the middle of the suburbs of Wakeport, happily and blissfully viewing the flowers in the garden, grateful they came on this trip. However, Hoolo, when spoken to, reveals he is regretting it due to not being able to work up the courage to propose to her. Secretly, he supplies Mario and Luigi with his original offering, the Plush Zeekeeper, in exchange for an item of greater value. Suddenly, Hoola calls him over to view a specific flower, pulling him away. He trusts and tasks Mario and Luigi with finding a special offering, remaining here until it is provided.

Once Hoolo has acquired the Pi'illo Ring from Mario and Luigi, he gains the confidence to initiate a conversation with Hoola. Due to his sweating and stuttering, Hoola becomes concerned, wondering what he intends. Once he has bluntly and proudly asked the question, Hoola strays a bit and remains silent for a moment, much to his concern. She considers his generous proposal and offering, happily accepting the proposal, much to his and everyone's joy. This ends the sidequest and provides Mario and Luigi with a small variety of items.


  • "Hoo! Such pretty flowers! So glad we came hoo!"
  • "Hoolo! Come look at this beautiful flower!"
  • "Hey, Hoolo! What's hooing?'"
  • "Hoo my! What a ring! I'm so hoopy!"
  • "What's up with hoo?"
  • "Oh, uh... This was so kind of hoo!"
  • "And what a hootiful ring you found me..."
  • "My answer is..."
  • "Of course..."
  • "HOO YEAH!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハニコ
From「埴輪」(haniwa) and the feminine name ending「子」(-ko)

Italian Ulla