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Dream Team Enemy
Smoldergeist Sprite.png
Location(s) Pi'illo Castle
Level 3
HP 12
Power 34
Defense 30
Speed 999
Weakness None
Experience 5 (6)
Coins 10 (100%)
Item Drop None (0%)
Cozy Wear (25%)
No Hitter
World Real
Not to be confused with Bouldergeist or Poltergeist.
“I hope you mourn your decision for eternity...”
Smoldergeist, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

Smoldergeists are purple will-o'-the-wisp-like creatures that make up the second boss battle in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. They only make an appearance in the depths of Pi'illo Castle, where a Smoldergeist puts the Bros. through several tests as they go from room to room. Upon Mario and Luigi's arrival to where Princess Peach and Toadsworth were, they scare away a group of Smoldergeist surrounding them, making them all disappear. Once the Bros. take Prince Dreambert (in pillow form) and a pair of Badges from the statue in the room, the statue causes an earthquake and then summons four Smoldergeist to battle the Bros. as punishment for taking the items.

Smoldergeist surrounding Princess Peach and Toadsworth

At the beginning of the battle, Starlow will extinguish all of the Smoldergeists, allowing the Bros. to attack them. If the Bros. try to jump on them when they're ignited, they will take damage but will put out the Smoldergeist's flame in the process, making it possible for Mario and Luigi to attack afterwards. Smoldergeist will also exhaust their flame if all of their attacks in a single turn miss.

Smoldergeists reignite after a few turns. An ignited Smoldergeist can hurl fireballs at the Bros., its eyes turning red or green depending on which Bro. it's going to aim for with the fireball that is hurled afterwards. They may also send out a ring of flames outwards from it at the Bros., which can be dodged by simultaneously jumping over the expanding wave if the Smoldergeist is floating near ground level, or idling underneath the expanding ring of flames if it's fairly high in the air. An extinguished Smoldergeist can only roll back and forth through a Bro., which can be dodged by jumping over or on to it. Upon the Smoldergeists' defeat, they disappear and do not reappear for the rest of the game. Interestingly, because the badge tutorial takes place during this fight, it is possible to re-fight Smoldergeist by selecting the badge tutorial from the in-game menu. The fight is exactly the same as the first encounter and the only way to fight Smoldergeist again once it is defeated, as it does not appear as an X boss in the Battle Ring.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゴーストファイア
Gōsuto Faia
Ghost Fire
Spanish (NOA) Llama tétrica Dismal fire
Spanish (NOE) Fuego fatuo Will-o'-the-wisp
French (NOA) Flamegeist From flame and poltergeist
French (NOE) Pyroplasme From the prefix pyro- and ectoplasme (ectoplasm).
German Lodergeist Blaze Ghost
Italian Ombracino From ombra (shadow) and brace (ember)
Portuguese Fantasma de Fogo Fire Ghost
Russian Огнедух
Fire spirit
Korean 고스트파이어


  • The name Smoldergeist is a combination of the words "smolder" (burning with smoke) and poltergeist (a ghost).