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Dream Team enemy
Grumbell's battle sprite from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Location(s) Mount Pajamaja
Level 18
HP 88
Power 100
Defense 127
Speed 75
Weakness None
Experience 90 (108)
Coins 24 (100%)
Item drop Refreshing Herb (5%)
POW Gloves (2%)
No Hitter 20
World Real

Grumbells are living floating dumbbell creatures that appear in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. In the field, Grumbells float around at high altitudes. If one spots Mario and Luigi, it will follow them at that altitude, and when it gets right above them, it will drop out of the air to try and land on them, if failing, soon rising back into high altitudes again.


Grumbells will attack in pairs; they each float over a Bro. and fall on them after individually making a kind of alerted noise; this attack may render the Bros. dizzy. Mario and Luigi must hammer the Grumbells back into the air, where they may repeat a round of this. If alone or the third wheel in a group of three, a Grumbell will float above a Bro. and cause its eyes to disappear, then rotating itself before falling on the Bro, who must smack it away with their hammer just before it hits them. If it rotates in a fashion that leaves itself not upright, just before landing on the Bro. it will flip itself upright and possibly throw off its target's timing.

If a single Grumbell and a Monolift are present in the battle, they may perform an attack together than involves the Monolift dropping its stack of rocks and the Grumbell dropping to the floor. The Monolift will then pick up the Grumbell and begin weightlifting after twitching its eye. After several lifts, the Monolift will throw the Grumbell at the Bro. it targets. If it twitches so its left eye is bigger, it will aim at Luigi. If it twitches so its right eye is bigger, it will aim at Mario. If the targeted Bro. dodges this attack, the Grumbell will go offscreen and ram into the Monolift at the back, dealing in normal mode 10 and 14 damage to each other respectively. This attack takes up the Grumbell's attack turn.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アレアレイ
Partial repetition of「唖鈴」(arei, dumbbell)
French (NOE) Hélicalter From "hélicoptère" (helicopter) and "haltère" (dumbbell)
German Flugtel From "flug" (flight) and "hantel" (dumbbell)
Italian Manubryo Pun on "manubrio" (handlebar)
Portuguese (NOE) Halterolhos From "haltere" (dumbbell) and "olhos" (eyes)
Russian Гантелет
From "гантеля" (gantelya, dumbbell) and "-лет" (-let, suffix for flying)
Spanish (NOA) Pesarajo From "pesa" (weight)
Spanish (NOE) Mancuerni From "mancuerna" (dumbbell)