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Attack Piece Toad
A red Toad from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.
Species Toad
First appearance Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (2013)
“Am I THAT indistinguishable?!”
Attack Piece Toad, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

The Attack Piece Toad is a character in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. He is a red Toad with an interest in Attack Pieces. He is found in Mushrise Park, where he provides two Attack Pieces along with an explanation on how they are used. Later on, he is found in a hotel in Wakeport, although he is not immediately recognized.


This Toad is first seen in an intermediate region of Mushrise Park, being harassed and cornered by two Thorbs. As he begs for help, Mario and Luigi have to rescue him. This battle serves as a tutorial for attacking with hammers. After the Thorbs are defeated, the Toad thanks them for saving him, claiming he was not expecting to be attacked during his holiday. At that, he remembers an Attack Piece he found during his tour of the park, showing little interest in it at first, even offering to give it to the brothers as thanks, saying he was going to toss it anyway. He explains they are found in Attack Piece Blocks, as informed by his tour guide. He suggests they view the Guide Map for additional information on finding Attack Pieces before remembering to give them a tutorial on accessing the map via the menu. Afterwards, he walks away, promising to give them any Attack Pieces he finds.

This Toad appears later on, at the moment Mario and Luigi are trying to persuade a Brock to let them through to see Brickle. Fortunately for them, the Toad arrives with another Attack Piece, and is proud of himself for doing so. He remembers another conversation with his tour guide mentioning there are ten Attack Pieces in every set, and collecting all of them in a region unlocks a new Bros. Attack. He persuades the Brock to let them pass provided they learn at least one power move, which he agrees to. The nine Attack Pieces Mario and Luigi found previously in the park, combined with the Attack Piece the Toad provides them, complete the set and unlock the first Bros. Attack, 3D Red Shell. Suddenly, a Capnap appears behind the Toad and Brock, scaring them away and giving Mario and Luigi an opportunity to test the Bros. Attack.

A Toad found in one of the middle hotels of the Wakeport suburbs claims to be the same one who supplied them with the Attack Pieces, and is concerned that they have difficulty recognizing him. Nevertheless, he informs them the Attack Pieces in the area are obtained by speaking to staff and visitors and are in blocks. He remains here for the rest of the game.


  • "Noooo! Noooooo!"
  • "Somebody!"
  • "HELP ME!"
  • "You saved me!"
  • "I never thought I'd come across monsters here."
  • "Worst holiday ever!"
  • "Oh, yeah!"
  • "I found this as I was walking in the park."
  • "It's an Attack Piece thingamabobble."
  • "I was just gonna toss it, so why don't you take it?"
  • "About those Attack Pieces..."
  • "They can be found in blocks like that one over there."
  • "My tour guide told me about them."
  • "He was all like, 'Blah, blah, blah...'"
  • "'Try to find as many as you can.'"
  • "He said if you want to find more Attack Pieces..."
  • "Just check the Guide Map on the Touch Screen."
  • "And there was something else..."
  • "Right! It was about the map!"
  • "Open the menu, please!"
  • "Gotta run! Ciao!"
  • "I'll let you know if I find another Attack Piece."
  • "Mario! Luigi!"
  • "Thanks for helping me out of that jam earlier!"
  • "I guess this is where the party's at."
  • "...Oh, I get it! In that case..."
  • "You should get some more of those Attack Pieces!"
  • "How about searching for them? Sound like a plan?"
  • "I actually found another one, myself."
  • "I always knew I was talented!"
  • "I'm not your average Toad!"
  • "Now, hold on..."
  • "I remember my tour guide saying something else..."
  • "'There are 10 Attack Pieces in every set.'"
  • "'Find them all to learn a powerful new move!'"
  • "He called that move a... Bros. Attack!"
  • "I mean, if you guys have some power moves, this guy oughta bend a bit."
  • "You already have 9 of them? Sweet!"
  • "Here's the one I was holding on to!"
  • "Mr. Mario! Mr. Luigi! Hello!"
  • "It's me! You don't remember? The other day at the park..."
  • "You saved me from monsters! Am I THAT indistinguishable?!"
  • "I didn't know you guys were hitting this town next!"
  • "Say, y'know how you usually see Attack Pieces inside of blocks?"
  • "Well, here in town, I hear that guests and staff may carry 'em!"