Minister of Massage

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Minister of Massage
Minister of Massage
Species Toad
First appearance Super Mario Adventures (issue 23) (1992)
Hmmm, this stiff is seriously stiff!”
Minister of Massage, Super Mario Adventures

The Minister of Massage is a minor character that appears in the Super Mario Adventures comics. As his name implies, the Minister is a master in the art of massage; he claims he can use his abilities to cure neuralgia, rheumatism, and even stiff shoulders. He appears to be a Toad, although he differs greatly from the average Toad due to his many stereotypical Asian features, specifically Chinese, which include his wood sandals, his traditional robes, heavy circular glasses, buckteeth, and the taijitu on his mushroom cap. Indeed, the Minister of Massage sees himself as continuing the art of massage as developed by the ancient Mount Fuji Karate School.

The Minister of Massage is called in by Princess Toadstool's Toad attendants after Mario is turned to stone during Bowser's attack on the Mushroom Kingdom. Using his skill in the art of massage, the Minister manages to revive Mario to his previous self after a week of work.