Greenie (character)

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A Toad from Paper Mario: Color Splash.
Species Toad
First appearance Paper Mario: Color Splash (2016)
“I ran into this Shy Guy, and at first I was like, fine, whatever, no big deal, just a Shy Guy. But then he whipped out a straw! I thought he'd leave me alone if I pretended to be a tree. You know, my standard go-to move. But he figured me out somehow! Guess I still can't act my way out of a paper bag... Anyway, later!”
Greenie, Paper Mario: Color Splash

Greenie is a character in Paper Mario: Color Splash, and is one of Piper's five friends, the third one to be found chronologically. According to his story, during a school play, Piper picked an unfavorable role, something he still looks back on today. Later on, he, along with Bloo, Purp, and Redd, travel to Marmalade Valley to recover the Rainbow Carnation. Once they have healed Piper's tree and reunited with Piper himself, the six friends head to the Crimson Tower, where they are seen for the remainder of the game.


Paper Mario: Color Splash[edit]

Mario may locate a colorless Toad lying behind the root of a gigantic tree at the beginning of Sacred Forest. This Toad turns out to be Greenie. He tells Mario he encountered a Shy Guy. He was unfazed until he revealed himself to be a Slurp Guy. He attempted to blend in with the trees, which turned out to be unsuccessful. Before he heads off to the meeting area in Port Prisma, Greenie mentions his acting ability is still mediocre, referencing the events of his story.

Following this, Mario may head to the meeting area in the yellow district of Port Prisma just in time for Greenie to join Redd and Purp. At this point, the tree is a decent sprout with a few branches. Suddenly, Greenie recalls Piper's selfless personality. He brings up a story centering a school play, in which nobody wanted the role of a "down-on-his-luck potted plant". However, Piper offered to take on the role, and performed marvelously. Everyone thought he was perfect for the role, referencing Piper's actual appearance. He claims he even got butterflies to land on him, likely as a result of his method acting.

If Mario returns to the meeting area after Yella has been found, a Toad looking after the tree explains the others set off to find the Rainbow Carnation in Marmalade Valley as medicine for the dry and withered tree. If Mario heads to Marmalade Valley following this, Greenie along with the others can be seen scaling the mountain to retrieve the flower on top. Once they have collected it, they hop off and head back to their meeting area.

Mario may return to the area after this just in time to see the tree in full bloom, just as Yella arrives. When Yella bluntly informs them of Piper's death, Greenie becomes noticeably distraught, refusing to believe it is so. Suddenly, the flowers blow off and a nut falls from the tree, which cracks open to reveal a Ptooie Mario is prepared to fight. However, Greenie stops him from doing so, revealing it is actually Piper. He follows the others out of the area, becomes nervous when Piper trips, and relieved when he gets back up. This performance is cheered on by a group of Toads below.

From here on, Greenie, Piper and the others can be found in front of the Crimson Tower. Piper is shown blowing them into the air one at a time, to everyone's pleasure.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミドさん
From「緑」(midori, green) with honorific「~さん」(san)

Italian Verdicchio
Portuguese Alfacinha
From "alface" (lettuce) and diminutive suffix "-inha"
Spanish Olivio
From "oliva" (olive) with Spanish names ending "-io"