Starshade Bros.

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Artwork of the Starshade Bros..
Sharshade Sprites.png

The Starshade Bros. (General Starshade and Sergeant Starshade) are two Toads in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga that teach Mario and Luigi the "Spin Jump" and "High Jump" moves. One is red, and the other is green. They both wear sunglasses and big grins and are stationed in the Beanbean Borderlands. Unlike most Toads, they have visible (and prominent) noses. They, along with the Border Bros, form the border patrol for the Beanbean Kingdom and Mushroom Kingdom.

After the Mario Bros. defeat Tolstar while Bowser is stuck in a cannon, Bowser's griping annoys Sergeant Starshade, who appears and sets off the cannon, knocking Bowser into Tolstar and causing him to lose his memory.

Names in other languages[edit]

Starshade Bros.

Language Name Meaning
French Frères Stella Stella Brothers (stella being Latin for "star")
Italian Fratelli Astrali Astral Bros.

General Starshade

Language Name Meaning
French General Stella General Stella (stella being Latin for "star")
Italian Generale Astro General Aster

Sergeant Starshade

Language Name Meaning
French Sergent Stella Sergeant Stella (stella being Latin for "star")
Italian Sergente Astro Sergeant Aster