List of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions in-game music

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Music option in the Records section of the remake's suitcase. Here, only the upper screen is shown, without the list of songs.
The boombox shown in the Music option in the Records section of the suitcase, playing music.

This is a list of music tracks from the soundtrack of the game Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions for Nintendo 3DS, composed and arranged by Yoko Shimomura.

The music option contained in the game allows the player to listen to the songs in the game, as well as the original Game Boy Advance versions of the Superstar Saga tracks, by collecting tapes from all across the Beanbean Kingdom, or, in the case of "Fawful and Cackletta", "Time to Settle This!", "Showdown with Cackletta", "A Journey Full of Laughs" and "Going Home", beating the game. It can be accessed from the in-game menu screen via Records at any time during their adventure after it is unlocked. As in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team and Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, the music can be played through headphones even with the system closed.

List of songs[edit]

Main game music[edit]

The arranged versions of the tracks are marked with "DX" at the end of their names in the game.

Title Notes Length
A New Adventure Begins Plays on the title screen 0:55
We're Off Again! Plays on the file selection screen, in the Mysterious Mine Carts cave, during Queen Bean's story about the Beanstar, and when Mario is affected with Bean Fever 0:28
Touch of Evil Plays in Beanbean Castle Town and Beanbean Castle when in disaster 0:49
Prince Peasley's Theme Plays in cutscenes involving Prince Peasley 1:21
Fawful Music Plays in cutscenes involving Fawful, when the S.S. Chuckola heads out to sea, and before certain boss battles 0:17
Bowser's Road Plays in cutscenes involving Bowser or the Koopalings (in Minion Quest: The Search for Bowser) and in the Koopa Cruiser 0:18
Cackletta, the Fiercest Foe Plays in cutscenes involving Cackletta 0:39
A Journey Full of Laughs Plays during the ending cutscene 0:45
Going Home Plays during the credits 2:42
Mario is Everyone's Star Plays in Mario's House and in the Warp Pipe menu 0:52
Peach's Castle Plays in Peach's Castle 1:08
Stardust Fields Area 64 Plays in Stardust Fields 0:48
Hoohoo Mountaintop Plays in Hoohoo Mountain 1:04
The Kingdom Called Beanbean Plays in Beanbean Fields and Beanbean International Airport 1:11
Beanish People Plays in Hoohoo Village, Yoshi Theater, and Beanbean Castle Town (while it is not in destruction) 0:54
Castle of Beans Plays in Beanbean Castle (while it is not in destruction) 0:57
Chucklehuck Woods Plays in Chucklehuck Woods 0:45
Danger Abounds! Plays after Peach's voice is taken, before certain boss battles and when Fawful informs the captains about Bowser's disappearance from the world 0:30
Woohoo Hooniversity Plays in Woohoo Hooniversity 0:31
Another Sky for Toads Plays in Little Fungitown 0:43
Sea... Sea... Sea... Plays in the Seabed and underwater sections of Gwarhar Lagoon 0:53
Don't Dwell on Danger Plays in Teehee Valley 1:00
Sweet Surfin' Plays in Oho Oasis and land sections of Gwarhar Lagoon 0:42
Hold the Corny Jokes, Please! Plays in the Fire Palace, the Thunder Palace, and Joke's End 0:49
Decisive Battleground Plays in Bowser's Castle 1:11
Climbing Plays in caves, the Mysterious Mine Carts minigame, Beanbean Castle Sewer, and Guffawha Ruins (an arrangement of the Super Mario Bros. underground theme) 0:47
Let's Go! Plays in regular battles 0:59
We Can't Lose! Plays in boss battles 1:00
The Marvelous Duo Plays in Popple boss battles 0:55
Fawful and Cackletta Plays in Cackletta's first boss battle, Fawful's boss battle and Believe in Bowser 1:00
Time to Settle This! Plays in Bowletta's boss battle 1:11
Showdown with Cackletta! Plays in Cackletta's final boss battle 1:25
Win & Dance Plays after winning a battle 0:14
Jump! (Ground Theme) Plays in Border Jump (an arrangement of the Super Mario Bros. ground theme, specifically based on its arrangement in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time) 0:45
Let's Kick it into High Gear! Plays in Barrel and Chuckola Bounce and during the tutorial for Splart (an arrangement of the Mario & Luigi: Dream Team minigame theme) in the 3DS version 0:26
Star 'Stache Smash! Plays in Star 'Stache Smash (an arrangement of the Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam minigame theme) in the 3DS version 0:37
To Challenge! Plays in Barrel and Chuckola Bounce and during the tutorial for Splart in the GBA version 0:53
It's My Turn Plays in Star 'Stache Smash in the GBA version 1:06

Minion Quest-exclusive music[edit]

Title Notes Length
This is Minion Turf! Plays in quests 1:17
Everyone, Attack! Plays in boss quests 1:17
Fighting Friends Plays after winning a quest 0:23
Let's Talk Strategy Plays on the map screen 0:40
Bowser's Minions March Plays during cutscenes 0:54

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