List of Mario Party 7 in-game music

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In Mario Party 7, the player can listen to the game's music in the Duty-Free Shop; this is the first Mario Party in which the sound test is not accessed from the options menu. Like in Mario Party 6, not only is the vast majority of the music unavailable from the start, but instead of being unlockable, it must be bought.


Song title Description
Let's Go Plays during the game's intro.
Mario Party Theme Plays on the title screen.
Adventure Awaits Plays on the file select screen.
Set Sail for Fun Plays on the main menu.
Cruise Choices Plays when setting the game rules in Party, Deluxe, and Minigame modes.

Map Sounds[edit]

Song title Description
Sail the Canals Plays in Grand Canal.
Climb the Peak Plays in Pagoda Peak.
Park It Plays in Pyramid Park.
Neon Nation Plays in Neon Heights.
Mill It Over Plays in Windmillville.
Inferno Plays in Bowser's Enchanted Inferno.
Take Me to Partytown Plays during the explanation of the rules.
Get This Party Started Plays during the explanation of the board and when determining turn order in Party Cruise.
Fun for All Plays at the start of a board game, when the board's logo appears.
Twinkle, Little Star Plays when showing the Star's location in Grand Canal and Bowser's Enchanted Inferno, and when showing the chests' locations in Neon Heights.
A Star is Born Plays when getting a Star.
You Win Plays when rolling doubles or quadruples with a Mushroom Orb.
You Win More Plays when rolling triples or sextuples with a Super 'Shroom Orb.
Minigame Madness Plays when commencing a Battle, Mic, or 8-player minigame.
What's the Score? Plays on the minigame results screen.
Closing In Plays before the last four turns.
The Afterparty Plays at the end of a board game - when counting Stars and coins and awarding bonus Stars.
Who Will Win? Plays when determining the winner of a board game.
Hail to the King Plays when announcing the winner of a board game and during the final results.
Magic Plays when landing on a DK or Mic Space.
It's a Duel Plays when commencing a Duel minigame, and during the results.
The Mic Shuffle Plays before and after the minigame that occurs when landing on a Mic Space.
DK's Disco Plays before and after a Donkey Kong minigame.
The Bowser Boogie Plays before and after a Bowser minigame.
Trouble Brewing Plays when landing on a Bowser Space.
Angry Bowser Plays every five turns, when the Bowser Time meter is full.
Stop! Bowser Time! Plays during Bowser Time.
Bowser's Rage Plays at the start of a board game, when Bowser places three Koopa Kid Spaces.
Duelling Range Plays when setting the game rules in Solo Cruise.
Minigames at Dawn Plays during the explanation of the board and when determining turn order in Solo Cruise.
The Duel Ends Plays when announcing the winner of a board game in Solo Cruise.
Bowser's Invitation Plays when viewing Bowser's invitation to Bowser's Enchanted Inferno in Solo Cruise.
Bowser Castle Theme Plays at the start of Bowser's Lovely Lift.
The Koopa King Falls Plays when winning Bowser's Lovely Lift.
Number One Plays when viewing the best ranked player in Solo Cruise.
A True Champion Plays when viewing the best ranked player in Solo Cruise if the Stunning Background has been bought.

Tour Sounds[edit]

Song title Description
The Free Play Sub Plays in the Free Play Sub.
Volcano Peril Plays in Volcano Peril.
Pearl Hunt Plays in Pearl Hunt.
Waterfall Duel Plays in Waterfall Duel.
Decathlon Castle Plays in Decathlon Castle.
King of the River Plays in King of the River at the start, save points, and end.
Tough Luck Plays in King of the River during the first 10 minigames.
Tough Luck Reprise Plays in King of the River during minigames 11-20.
The Tough Luck Remix Plays in King of the River during the last 10 minigames.
Dreaming of Riches Plays if the player gets a game over in King of the River.
The Motherlode Plays during the final results of any mode in minigame mode.
Ready, Set, Fun Plays on the minigame explanation screen.
Lazy Day Lollygag Plays in the minigames Be My Chum, Bumper Crop, Cardinal Rule, Catchy Tunes, Picture This, and World Piece.
Keep It Up Plays in the minigames La Bomba and Track and Yield. These minigames involve conveyor belts.
Fun in the Sun Plays in the minigames Balloon Busters, Battery Ram, Big Dripper, Cointagious, Coin-op Bop, Duct and Cover, Grin and Bar It, Pokey Pummel, Pyramid Scheme, Real Smoothie, Spin Off, Spray Anything, Warp Pipe Dreams, and Weight for It.
Skyward Bound Plays in the minigames Helipopper, Snow Ride, and Target Tag. These minigames involve turbulence.
Don't Look Down Plays in the minigames Buzzstormer, Fun Run, and StratosFEAR! These minigames involve the sky.
Slow and Steady Plays in the minigames Bob-ombic Plague, Ghost in the Hall, Number Crunchers, Pogo-a-Go-Go, and Take Me Ohm. These minigames involve dangerous situations.
Darkness Rising Plays in the minigames Mathemortician, Easy Pickings, Rope a Dope, Flashfright, Spider Stomp, Spinner Cell, and Wheel of Woe.
What a Mess Plays in the minigames Balloonatic, Bridge Work, Bumper to Bumper, Fish and Cheeps, Hammer Spammer, and Royal Rumpus.
Look Out Plays in the minigames Apes of Wrath, Boxing Day, The Final Countdown, Gimme a Sign, Herbicidal Maniac, Monty's Revenge, and Tile and Error. As the name implies, these minigames involve caution.
Cool as a Cucumber Plays in the minigames Bubble Brawl, Camp Ukiki, Dart Attack, Light Speed, Mad Props, Sphere Factor, Spin Doctor, Synch-row-nicity, Unhappy Trails, and Wingin' It.
Watch Yourself Plays in the minigames Hip Hop Drop, Hop-O-Matic 4000, and Think Tank. These minigames involve machinery.
Without a Care Plays in Deck Hands and the Bonus Mic Game that occurs after landing on a Mic Space.
Time Grows Nigh Plays in the minigames Clock Watchers and Shock Absorbers.
Jump Plays in the minigames Air Farce and Gimme a Brake.
Face-Off Plays in the single-player Bowser minigames.
Bowser's Revenge Plays in the multiplayer Bowser minigames.
Solo DK Plays in the single-player Donkey Kong minigames.
DK for All Plays in the multiplayer Donkey Kong minigames.
High Noon Plays in the first half of Bowser's Lovely Lift.
One Last Go Plays in the second half of Bowser's Lovely Lift.
The Race Begins Plays at the start of Oil Crisis.
Faster! Faster! Plays in the minigames Kart Wheeled and Oil Crisis. These minigames involve racing.
A Rare Minigame Plays in the Rare minigames.
It's a New Record Plays if the player sets a new record.
Minigame Victory Plays for the winner(s) of a minigame.
Minigame Defeat Plays if the player loses a single-player Bowser or DK minigame or the Mic Space minigame, as well as if everyone does not collect any coins in coin-collecting minigames or bananas in multiplayer DK minigames, loses a battle minigame, or a multiplayer Bowser minigame.
Minigame Draw Plays if a minigame ends in a tie.
Eight-Player Rumble Plays in 8-Player Free Play.
On the Ice Plays in 8-Player Ice Battle.
Happy Memories Plays in the Duty-Free Shop.
Decision Makers Plays in the Control Room.
The Last Hurrah Plays in the Solo Cruise ending.
Many Thanks Plays during the credits when the player shouts "Surprise!" while viewing the Power Star Statue.