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Captain Commands are special abilities used by the Captains in the Minion Quest: The Search for Bowser and Bowser Jr.'s Journey modes of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions and Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey respectively. They require CP to use, some of which is restored inbetween rounds. The amount of CP restored after each round is 1 if the captain has a maximum of 1-5 CP, 2 if the captain has a maximum of 6-8 CP, and 3 if the captain has a maximum of 9 or 10 CP. They can be used by either touching their icon on the touch screen or by pressing the +Control Pad. In Minion Quest: The Search for Bowser, any Captain Command can be assigned for any slot, although the bottom slot is fixed for that Captain's exclusive Captain Command. In Bowser Jr.'s Journey, the First Officer can also use their own Captain Commands, using up their own CP and are used by touching their icon on the touch screen or by pressing L Button or R Button. There are also lots of enemy captains between the two games who use Captain Commands as well.

List of Captain Commands[edit]

Minion Quest: The Search for Bowser[edit]

Name CP used Captain Goomba level Captain Shy Guy level Captain Boo level Captain Koopa Troopa level Description
Deny 1 1* 8* 14* 23* Surprises an opponent and cancels their Special Skill before they can pull it off.
Rally 4 7 8* X mark.svg X mark.svg Cheers on the whole squad and raises their SPIRIT for a limited time.
Chance 3 5 X mark.svg 14* 23* Creates a block that can be hit to score a bonus.
Play Dead 4 16 12 18 23* Feigns defeat on the battlefield so enemies will turn their attention elsewhere.
Lightning 7 X mark.svg X mark.svg 32 30 Shrinks and weakens enemies for a limited time.
Parry 5 10 18 22 23* Completely blocks two enemy attacks. Time it perfectly to counterattack!
Pass the Bob-omb 6 X mark.svg 24 26 23* Starts a game of catch with the enemy captain using a Bob-omb on the verge of exploding.
Thwomp Thump 6 30 32 X mark.svg X mark.svg Drops a mean Thwomp that deals heavy damage to everyone on the ground! Can be avoided by jumping.
Clash of Captains 6 23 X mark.svg X mark.svg X mark.svg Exclusive to Goombas. A showdown with the opposing captain. Be mindful of the damage that will be taken from the enemies along the way!
Call for Backup 4 X mark.svg 8* X mark.svg X mark.svg Exclusive to Shy Guys. Sends in one of your reserve troopers to charge into battle and back you up.
Sneak Attack 6 X mark.svg X mark.svg 15 X mark.svg Exclusive to Boos. A stealthy attack from behind an enemy captain. Can it be pulled off against types you're weak to?
Shell Shock 4 X mark.svg X mark.svg X mark.svg 23* Exclusive to Koopa Troopas. A spinning shell attack! Damages all nearby foes.

* - The captain's starting level upon being recruited, meaning these Captain Commands are available from the start.

Bowser Jr.'s Journey[edit]

Bowser Jr.'s Captain Commands[edit]

Name CP used Required level Description
Deny 1 1 A command that Bowser Jr. can use. Prevents an opponent from using a Special Skill, changing it to a regular attack. When used against a group, it decreases the number of enemies who can perform Special Skills. Deny will only work when an exclamation mark is over an enemy's head. It won't have any effect if it's used otherwise.
Rally 3 5 A command that Bowser Jr. can use. Increases SPIRIT and temporarily makes Special Skills easier to execute.
Snack Time 4 9 A command that Bowser Jr. can use. Calls his clown car in with food supplies to restore health to nearby allies. When the clown car is above the trooper you wish to heal, press A Button to lower the snacks.
Showdown 5 13 A command that Bowser Jr. can use when he's a Melee type. He'll march right up to the enemy Captain to begin a showdown. Bowser Jr. will take damage from any foes he encounters on the way. If a First Officer is there, they will act as a shield for their captain.
Shy Guy Swarm 6 22 A command that Bowser Jr. can use when he's a Flying type. Summons a shy guy fleet to attack from the air! Damages allies and enemies alike. Stop the three cursors by pressing A Button to determine where the attack will land. Try to aim for enemies and avoid allies.
Volleybomb 5 27 A command that Bowser Jr. can use when he's a Ranged type. Volleys a huge bomb back and forth between the opposing squads. Use the +Control Pad to place the cursor where the big bomb lands and press A Button in time to return the volley! Hit the bomb at a low point to return it quickly, or at a high point to return it slowly. Try waiting until the last second before you send it back. If "!" appears above one of your allies, you have an advantage! Try using a fast swing to send a bomb quickly for an extra powerful attack.

First Officer Captain Commands[edit]

Name CP used User's required level Description
Sneak Attack 5 17 A skill that only Kamek (blue) can use. Stealthily appear behind the enemy captain for a sneak attack! If Kamek is discovered before attacking, his POW will decrease. Rumor has it he's more easily detected by troop types that he's weak against...
Coddle 6 28 A command that Kamek can use. He'll talk sweetly to Bowser Jr. to restore some CP. While coddling, you can either Continue or Stop. Coddle too long, and Bowser Jr.'s mood will go south, diminishing the effects.
Parry 4 28 A command that Lemmy can use. It can deflect two enemy attacks, but doesn't work on Special Skills. Press A Button right as your unit blocks an attack to counterattack.
Rolling Riot 6 29 A command that Lemmy can use. He'll climb atop a ball and charge forward. Press A Button and Bowser Jr. will kick the ball that Lemmy is riding. Aim for a spot where the most enemies have gathered.
Larry Rally 4 5 A command that Larry can use. Press A Button repeatedly to have Bowser Jr. kick Larry at your enemies. Press A Button again when Larry's shell hits an enemy and Larry will spin rapidly, dealing even more damage.
Call for Backup 5 29 A command that Larry can use. Randomly summons up to two ally units to assist in battle for that stage only. Cannot be used if no allies have fallen. If you're lucky, perhaps an ally with a mushroom will appear to heal fallen comrades...
Shell Shock 4 2 A command that Roy can use. Roy will spin around in his shell and attack surrounding enemies. POW increases after this attack.
Banzai Bill Thrill 7 34 A command that Roy can use. He will ride a Banzai Bill into all enemies to deal a high amount of damage.
Super Counter 4 8 A command that Iggy can use. He will counter all opponents attacking Bowser Jr. The lower Bowser Jr.'s remaining HP is, the more damage this move will deal.
Lightning 7 33 A command that Iggy can use. Temporarily shrinks opponents. All status attributes decrease while units are in this state.
Mystery Box 4 5 A skill that Wendy can use. Randomly causes a helpful effect, such as increasing the EXP received after the battle is won. Rumor has it there are also some secret effects that are rarely seen... You can retry once if you get an effect that you don't want.
Doppelganger 5 32 A command that Wendy can use. Creates two clone allies to join the battle on your behalf. Cannot be used until at least one ally is defeated. Note that any active clones will disappear if Wendy is defeated.
Negotiate 6 24 A command that Ludwig can use. He will attempt to negotiate with a single foe. If successful, the enemy will leave the battle. Additionally, some enemies will actually join your side if the negotiation is successful. The weaker the enemy, the more likely Ludwig is to succeed.
Stop and Drop 3 26 Ludwig can use this command to stop an enemy's Special Skill and deal damage in return. This move is only effective against enemies with an "!" over their heads.
Shield 4 2 A command that Morton can use. He will act as Bowser Jr.'s shield for a limited time, taking enemy damage on his behalf. While Morton is on duty, Bowser Jr.'s support causes his stats to slightly increase. Morton cannot use any other commands while he's shielding. Press B Button to release him from this role.
Thwomp Thump 6 35 A command that Morton can use. The impact of a Thwomp thumping deals damage to all troopers on the ground. Press A Button right before the Thwomp lands to move Morton and your allies out of the way and avoid receiving damage. Morton will jump toward an enemy at the same time that the Thwomp lands. Press A Button right when he stomps to deal extra damage!