Guffawha Ruins

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Luigi exploring the ruins.

The Guffawha Ruins are the dusty, deserted structures that Luigi (under hypnosis) visits during Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga to find a cure for his brother's Bean Fever. In this dungeon, Luigi has to take out a few enemies on his own such as Elite Chuck Guys, Oucher Glasses, and Limbo Bros. He will then have to solve several puzzles. At the end of the level, there is a big rock shaped like a head, the Guffawha Ruins monster, who will ask Luigi to relieve his stress by dodging energy balls he spits out for 30 seconds. Many people in Little Fungitown thought this rock head was a flesh-stripping, bone-crushing, bloodsucking monster, although he doesn't harm Luigi or challenge him to a battle. Guffawha Ruins lies between Teehee Valley and Hoohoo Mountain.


Bordering or connecting locations to Guffawha Ruins include:



Item Icon Location
Super Mushroom MLSuperstarSagaMushroom.png To the right of the fourth room, it's in the ? Block at the end of the road.
Max Nut MLSuperStarSagaNut.png Given by the Monty Mole behind the Black Rocks
Crabbie Grass Crabbie Grass.png In the ninth room.

Names in other languages[edit]

Mushroom KingdomStardust FieldsGuffawha RuinsBeanbean Castle TownBeanbean CastleChateau de ChucklehuckChucklehuck WoodsWoohoo HooniversityTeehee ValleyLittle FungitownOho OasisGwarhar LagoonJoke's EndOho OceanBeanbean International AirportBeanbean FieldsHoohoo MountainBowser's Castle
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Language Name Meaning
Japanese バクショーいせき
Bakushō Iseki
Bakusho (バクショー) comes from baku (バク), a sudden, explosive laugh.
Spanish Ruinas Risotada Cackle Ruins
French Ruines de Marra Marra is derived from the verb se marrer (to have a good laugh), ruines means "ruins".
German Gröhlruinen Bellow Ruins
Italian Rovine Sghignazzo Jeer Ruins
Chinese 嘎嘎遗迹
Gāgā Yíjì
Quack-quack Ruins


  • Both Mario and Luigi can revisit Guffawha Ruins when they have obtained Ultra Hammers, but the interior of the area becomes inaccessible. Hoohoo Mountain Base has a path blocked by black rocks that can be broken by the Ultra Hammer. The path will lead to the temple entrance, which allows both bros to access the buried beans and visit the Presenter that has a Max Nut.