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The Music Player with Paper Luigi

The Music Player is an unlockable option in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. By finishing the game, the player can listen to all 47 songs heard during the game. The Music Player is played through a gramophone at Twinsy Tropics, with Paper Luigi sleeping on a lawn chair on the beach. During the song, various characters from the main game, including Mario, Luigi, and Paper Toads, can be seen in the background.

The game's music was composed by Yoko Shimomura. Like Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, the music can be played through headphones even with the Nintendo 3DS closed.

List of songs[edit]

Title Notes Length
Start of the Adventure The title theme. 43 seconds
Our Story Begins The file select theme. 45 seconds
Cheerful Interlude Plays during peaceful scenes 45 seconds
Falling to Pieces When trouble is happening. 43 seconds
Strange Things Afoot
Funny Goings-On (PAL)
Plays in the first room in the game. 48 seconds
Good-Bye Sadness Plays after the player defeats both Bowser Jrs. or both Kameks. In the latter case, it stops playing when the Kameks start fighting over looks. It also plays after the Bros. Attacks are stolen by Nabbit, and when the Wiggler is carried into the sky by Paragoombas. 55 seconds
What Happens Next? Plays during the Goombas taking Paper Toads cutscene. 57 seconds
Just Passing Time
Passing Time (PAL)
Plays before the camera goes into Peach's Castle in the intro. 1 minute 16 seconds
Steel Yourself
Prepare Yourself (PAL)
Plays during tutorials. An arrangement of the tutorial theme from Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, which in turn is a cover of the ground theme from Super Mario Bros. 53 seconds
Do It Now! Plays during Paper Toad missions. 1 minute 14 seconds
Bowser's Coming! Plays during cutscenes involving Bowser or Paper Bowser. 54 seconds
Respect Your Elders
Do You Know Who I Am? (PAL)
Plays during cutscenes involving Kamek or Paper Kamek. 46 seconds
Whispered Secrets Plays during cutscenes involving Peach or Paper Peach. 1 minute 12 seconds
Peach's Castle Theme Plays in Princess Peach's Castle. 1 minute 47 seconds
Springtime Breeze Plays in Sunbeam Plains. 1 minute 47 seconds
Uh-Oh, Sand Flow!
Sinking in Quicksand (PAL)
Plays in Doop Doop Dunes. 1 minute 40 seconds
Epic Story Plays in Twinsy Tropics. 1 minute 43 seconds
Behind Closed Doors Plays in Twinsy Tropics Dungeon. 1 minute 27 seconds
Forest Fairy Melody Plays in Gloomy Woods. 1 minute 23 seconds
Mountaintop Secrets Plays in Mount Brrr. 1 minute 47 seconds
Mysterious Bowser's Castle Plays in Bowser's Castle. 1 minute 59 seconds
Holding Hands in the Darkness Plays in Doop Doop Dunes Grotto and the Mount Brrr caves. A cover of the underground theme from Super Mario Bros. 1 minute 11 seconds
Welcome to the Lakitu Info Center!
Welcome to the Lakitu Info Centre! (PAL)
Plays in the Lakitu Info Center. 1 minute 3 seconds
Teatime on the Clouds
Tea Time on the Clouds (PAL)
Plays in the Arcade. 1 minute 26 seconds
Floating Castle of Doom Plays in Neo Bowser Castle. 2 minutes 8 seconds
Get Ready! A fanfare that plays when starting a Paper Toad mission. 5 seconds
Time's Running Out! Plays during time-based Paper Toad missions. 54 seconds
Where's Toad? Plays during Paper Toad missions where the player is required to search for Paper Toads. 1 minute 1 second
Destination Unknown Plays during puzzle-based Paper Toad missions. 1 minute 8 seconds
You Did It! The mission victory fanfare. 8 seconds
Come On! The tutorial battle theme. A cover of the regular battle theme from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. 46 seconds
Mixed-Up Scramble The regular battle theme. 1 minute 29 seconds
New Item! The jingle that plays upon obtaining a new item. 3 seconds
Big Bang! The boss battle theme. 1 minute 15 seconds
Double Bowsers! The Bowser and Paper Bowser battle theme. 1 minute 44 seconds
Final Battle The Shiny RoboBowser battle theme. 2 minutes 26 seconds
Getting Stronger The battle victory fanfare. 35 seconds
Crowning Glory The papercraft victory fanfare. 7 seconds
Soldiers Marching
On the March (PAL)
Plays before the papercraft battle begins in a cutscreen, but doesn't play when starting a papercraft battle from the Arcade. 35 seconds
Attack and Run! Plays during papercraft battles. 1 minute 9 seconds
Mario Craft Rhythm Plays while on the rhythm pad as Papercraft Mario. 1 minute 15 seconds
Luigi Craft Rhythm Plays while on the rhythm pad as Papercraft Luigi. 1 minute 10 seconds
Princess Peach Craft Rhythm Plays while on the rhythm pad as Papercraft Peach. 1 minute 11 seconds
Yoshi Craft Rhythm Plays while on the rhythm pad as Papercraft Yoshi. 1 minute 15 seconds
Fire Mario Craft Rhythm Plays while on the rhythm pad as Papercraft Fire Mario. 1 minute 15 seconds
Paper Parade! The staff credits theme. 5 minutes 34 seconds
Say Good-Bye! Plays over the Records screen after the credits. 52 seconds