Gold Shy Guy

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Color Splash Enemy
Gold Shy Guy
PMCS Gold Shy Guy.png
Location(s) Fort Cobalt, Fortune Island
Type Normal
HP 8
Strong Any non-iron attack
Weak Iron
Moves Slash Attack (25), Group Attack (25), Blowback Attack (12)
Card Probability 0



Usual: "Solid gold!" ~ "I'll melt YOU down!" ~ "You want the gold. Admit it." ~ "This metal ain't precious."
After layer removed: "From riches to rags..." ~ "Bloop." ~ "I declare bankruptcy!" ~ "Look away. I'm hideous!"

Dropped Items
Hammer Scraps 150
Red Paint 20
Yellow Paint 20
Blue Paint 20
Orange Paint 10
Green Paint 10
Purple Paint 10

Gold Shy Guys are a variant of Shy Guy in Paper Mario: Color Splash. Gold Shy Guys, like Silver Shy Guys, are invincible to all attacks except for Iron Jumps, Hurlhammers, Spin Jumps, and Things. Iron Jumps and Hurlhammers will cause their gold layer to fall off, revealing that they are really red Shy Guys. They act like normal Shy Guys once their gold covering comes off. Gold Shy Guys appear in Fort Cobalt and in Wendy O. Koopa's battle in Fortune Island. A Gold Shy Guy is the second-round opponent in Roshambo Temple #8.

When Gold Shy Guys are defeated, they drop more Coins and Hammer Scraps than most enemies.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヘイホーゴールド
Heihō Gōrudo
Shy Guy Gold
German Goldener Shy Guy Golden Shy Guy
Russian Золотой скромняга
Zolotoy skromnyaga
Gold Shy Guy