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This article is about the Shy Guy helpers in Yoshi's Story. For instances of Shy Guys wearing white, see Shy Guy.
White Shy Guy
A White Shy Guy
First appearance Yoshi's Story (1997)
Variant of Shy Guy
“The White Shy Guy follows you around. Does he want to be your friend?”
Message Block, Yoshi's Story

White Shy Guys are a type of Shy Guy found in Yoshi's Story. They are friends of the Yoshis', and they could be considered the antithesis of the Black Shy Guy, as the White Shy Guys work against their Shy Guy brethren, while the Black Shy Guys are the elite in Baby Bowser's Shy Guy forces.

Sprite of a White Shy Guy in Yoshi's Story

If a Baby Yoshi finds a White Shy Guy, the White Shy Guy follows behind the Yoshi like a Yoshi egg, copying the Yoshi's movements until the stage is completed. The White Shy Guy takes the place of one of the Yoshi's eggs, meaning that the Yoshi can carry only five eggs instead of the normal number of six. After the stage is completed, the White Shy Guy can be selected on the Yoshi-selection screen. There can potentially be multiple White Shy Guys on the selection screen if the player collects them throughout the game without using them. If selected, the White Shy Guy equips the helicopter backpack of the large Flying Shy Guys and travels to Baby Bowser's castle in order to rescue any Yoshi that has been captured by the Toadies. White Shy Guys are usually hidden inside ? Bubbles or ? Blocks in the levels they appear in. The bubbles or blocks that contain them can spawn in the respective levels only if the player has lost a Yoshi.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヘイホー[1][note 1]
Shy Guy

Chinese (simplified) 白嘿虎
Bái Hēihǔ
White Shy Guy

French Maskass blanc[2]
Fantôme blanc[3]
White Shy Guy
White ghost
Italian Timido ragazzo bianco[4]
Ragazzo bianco timido[5]
Tipo Timido Bianco[6]
White shy boy
Shy white boy
White Shy Guy
  1. ^ Specifically, it is referred to as しろい ヘイホー (Shiroi Heihō, meaning "White Shy Guy"), though due to the space, "shiroi" does not seem to be part of the name itself.


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