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Screenshot of Practice in Yoshi's Story
Game Yoshi's Story
Music track Yoshi's Song
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Practice is an optional training stage accessed from the main menu in Yoshi's Story. Initially, only the green Baby Yoshi is playable in it, but if the player completes a level in Trial Mode with a different-colored Yoshi and returns to the Practice mode, that Yoshi is the playable one in it. Visually, it closely resembles Treasure Hunt, the first full level. Here, Message Blocks instruct the player on the basics of gameplay. Unlike in every other stage, there are fewer than 30 melons, so they cannot be solely used to complete it; specifically, there are 24. Pressing START Button immediately exits the level.


  • -Flutter Jump- When you're in the air, press and hold the A Button. If you push the Control Stick up during a Flutter Jump, you'll float even higher. – Message Block
  • -Eggs In Blocks- Hit the bottom of the Egg Block to get all the eggs Yoshi can carry. Use the B Button to gobble up an enemy and turn it into an egg. – Message Block
  • -Fill Your Belly- Eat 30 fruit to end each stage and advance to the next. Use the L Button to turn off the Fruit Frame, and resize it with the + Control Pad. – Upon eating a fruit; later by Message Block
  • -Feeling Blue- When the Smile Meter frowns and turns blue, Yoshi has one hit left. That's the time to feed your dino. As Yoshi's tummy fills up, the petals return. – Upon the Smile Meter turning blue
  • -Z Button Throw- Throw eggs using the Z Button. Aim your throw with the Control Stick. If you shoot an enemy rather than eat it, Yoshi will be twice as happy. If you decide not to throw an egg, press the B Button to cancel. – Message Block
  • -Break Time- Rock block, so blue and hard. Break it with eggs, leave it in shards. – Message Block
  • -Let's Be Friends- This is a practice course, so the White Shy Guy can't help you--yet. – Upon finding the White Shy Guy
  • -The Smile Meter- This shows Yoshi's mood. When Yoshi eats yummy fruit, the meter smiles. Eating yucky food will only make the Smile Meter frown. – Message Block
  • -Power Flower- Yoshi can get energy from this flower, but he won't earn any points. – Message Block
  • -Remember- To ground pound, jump up and push the Control Stick down before landing. Ground pound on top of the ? Blocks to open them. Throw eggs to break the ? Bubbles. – Message Block
  • -Super Happy!- When Yoshi eats Heart Fruits, he becomes Super Happy! For a short time, he performs all his moves with extra flair. Super Happy Yoshi has endless eggs and a longer tongue, and he's even invincible!! If you pound the ground, every bubble pops and Shy Guys turn into Lucky Fruits. – Message Block
  • -Likes & Dislikes- Each Yoshi has things they like, but they all dislike the same things. Yoshis grow happy if they eat their favorite snacks, but sad if they eat junk. – Message Block
  • -R Button Sniff- Use the R Button to sniff. You may catch a whiff of something sweet. The closer you get to the secret, the faster Yoshi sniffs. If Yoshi gets so excited that he barks and waves his arms, you're on the spot. It's time to pound the ground. Jump, push down on the Control Stick and the secret appears. – Message Block
  • -A Secret for You- This is an unusual place. If you use your nose, you'll find out why. – Message Block
  • -Special Delivery- Ground pound to load up the melon boxes, then carry them to the finish. – Message Block



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Pratica[1]


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