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A Heart Fruit
Sprite of a Heart Fruit from Yoshi's Story

A Heart Fruit is an item used by the Yoshis in Yoshi's Story while looking for the Super Happy Tree. Heart Fruits can be found in bubbles; alternatively, when a Yoshi eats six of the same fruit in a row, a Heart Fruit appears from the sky and slowly floats down. When obtained, the Heart Fruit makes a Yoshi Super Happy. In this form, he is invincible and stronger and sometimes reveals some extra coins in the level within the time limit. While Super Happy, a Yoshi is given endless supplies of Yoshi Eggs, a longer tongue, and extra flutter-jumping, with both the Black and White Yoshis being able to move faster horizontally. When a Yoshi ground-pounds the ground while being Super Happy, all onscreen bubbles and Shy Guys turn into fruits, while the peppers turn into Heart Coins. When a Yoshi transforms, his health is filled completely.

In one of the areas in Poochy & Nippy, eating this fruit can cause the snowflakes to fall endlessly.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハートフルーツ
Hāto Furūtsu
Heart Fruit
Italian Frutto a forma di cuore[1] Heart-shaped fruit


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