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This article is about the obstacles from Yoshi's Story. For the item from Mario's Time Machine, see Sword (item).
Sprite of a sword in Yoshi's Story Sprite of a sword in Yoshi's Story
The blue sword and the red sword from Yoshi's Story
“Swords will leap at you from out of the walls. The red one will chase you!”
Message Block, Yoshi's Story

Swords are traps that are found in Yoshi's Story. There are two different kinds of swords. One of them is the blue sword, which only stabs up from the ground, from the ceiling, or from the left or right sides of walls. This type is almost never hidden. The other type of sword is the red sword, which pops out of the ground and moves horizontally or vertically from a certain point and then back to its place of origin. These traps appear only in the Mecha Castle.

Swords act in a similar manner to the Skewers from Super Mario World.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese つるぎ
Chinese (Simplified)
French Epée Sword