Ghost Castle

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Ghost Castle
Ghost Castle.png
World-Level 6 - 3
Game Yoshi's Story
Notes This is the only level in the game to feature Blindfold Boos.
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The Ghost Castle is level 6-3 in the Nintendo 64 game, Yoshi's Story.

The Ghost Castle is actually the back-right tower of Bowser's Castle on Yoshi's Island. It is infested with many Boos, including rare ones such as Blindfold Boos, Boo Blocks, and Little Boos. Many chambers are dark and eerie, and some are even cavernous. Ghost Riders can help the Yoshis reach higher areas of the level.

Other information[edit]

Storybook Segment[edit]

At long last, the Yoshis reached the final page and the creepy castle. The castle was haunted by ghosts, but the Yoshis won the spirited fight. And Bowser was no match for the Yoshis, either. What a big baby!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese オバケな おしろ
Obakena Oshiro
Literal translation
French Château hanté Haunted castle
German Geisterschloß Literal translation