Melon Race

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The Melon Race from Yoshi's Story
Lakitu delivering the melons

The Melon Race is a special minigame that occurs in Yoshi's Story. The event is triggered after a Baby Yoshi hits specific ? Blocks located in certain levels, such as Treasure Hunt and The Tall Tower. When the ? Block is hit, a starting line with a START flag will appear near the ? Block, while a finish line with a FINISH flag will appear at some larger distance away. The goal of the Melon Race is to cross the finish line as quickly as possible after passing by the starting line. The faster this is accomplished, the more melons the Yoshi is awarded upon reaching the finish line, with the maximum number being seven melons. The amount of time the Baby Yoshi has to finish the race is symbolized by a Chomp slowly approaching a line of seven numbered melons near the top of the screen. If the Yoshi is slow, the Chomp will begin eating each melon, one by one, until the Yoshi crosses the finish line. Each melon eaten by the Chomp is lost to the Baby Yoshi. After the Yoshi crosses the finish line, a Lakitu will fly down and deliver the number of melons earned by the Yoshi.