Captain Shy Guy (Mario Party 8)

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Captain Shy Guy
Captain shy guy.png
Yoshi meets Captain Shy Guy
Species Shy Guy
First appearance Mario Party 8 (2007)
“Ugh! My aching...everything! Oh-oh. Citizen watching. face! bold! HELLO CITIZEN! Captain Shy Guy is on the scene! I'm here to boldly take you to... Shy Guy's Space Buffet!”
Captain Shy Guy, Mario Party 8
Yoshi alongside many alien Shy Guys

Captain Shy Guy is an alien-like Shy Guy in Mario Party 8. He is apparently responsible for the Lucky Space in Bowser's Warped Orbit. When the player lands on it, he makes use of the landing pad nearby and asks the player to hop in his spacecraft. They then reach Shy Guy's Space Buffet, which has four Blue Spaces topped with three coins and a Candy Area between each one. This area does not lead to a free Star, but leads the player to collect three free pieces of Candy instead. The Candy always turns out to be either Bullet Candy and Bowser Candy. When the player reaches the end, Captain Shy Guy returns the player to the Lucky Space to finish their turn.

Captain Shy Guy also makes an appearance in one of the Carnival Figures that can be purchased from the Carnival Wagon in the Fun Bazaar, the Warped Space Shuttle.