Shy Guy's Space Buffet

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Yoshi at Shy Guy's Space Buffet

Shy Guy's Space Buffet is Bowser's Warped Orbit's Lucky Space area in Mario Party 8.

Captain Shy Guy flies the player here upon them landing on the Lucky Space. This area is quite small, mostly consisting of only a few Blue Spaces, each with three coins. Unlike all other boards with a Lucky Space (or Koopa's Tycoon Town as that board has a fixed and limited number of attainable stars), the Lucky Space area on this board does not lead to a free Star. When the player lands on it, they instead get to collect three free candies by passing Candy Spaces, all of which turn out to be Bullet Candy and Bowser Candy (two vital pieces of Candy on this board). Once the player makes it to the end of the area, Captain Shy Guy takes them back to the Lucky Space. If it's the last turn, the Candy Spaces disappear in Shy Guy's Orbital Buffet, as the Candy Shops on all boards are closed and Candy Spaces stop giving candy on the last turn.