Bowlo Candy

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Bowlo Candy.

The Bowlo Candy is a yellow Candy in Mario Party 8. It usually costs 15 coins, except when the Candy Shop is selling candies at discounted prices; in these cases, the Bowlo Candy will cost only 5 coins. It has a picture of a beach ball on the wrapper, and when a player uses it, they transform into a rubber ball, as if they came out of the Spherisizer from Mario Pinball Land. This makes them a "Bowlo" Character, and as they move along the board, they will steal ten coins (twenty in Star Battle Arena mode) from any opponent he or she runs into. In Tag Battle, a player can not steal coins from a teammate, as a team shares their coin and star total.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese コロコロキャンディ
Korokoro Kyandi
Rolling Candy
Spanish Caramelo Bolamelo
Italian Caramella Bowling Bowling Candy