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Not to be confused with Super Mario (form) or Mega Mario.
Big Mario
Used on Mario
Item needed Big Mushroom
Power(s) given Similar to Super Mario, but lets Mario break blocks by running into or jumping on them, and defeat most enemies in one jump.
First appearance Super Mario Maker (2015)

Big Mario is the form Mario takes after obtaining a Big Mushroom, appearing only in the original Super Mario Maker for the Wii U. Upon scanning 30th Anniversary Mario amiibo onto the Wii U GamePad's NFC sensor, a Big Mushroom will appear. It works only in Super Mario Bros. game style. With this form, Mario can break Brick Blocks and hard blocks by running into them at speed, as well as jumping onto them from above. Most enemies will be defeated instantly by stomping them. However, Mario is still vulnerable to enemy attacks. Depending on the scanned amiibo, Mario's appearance will be based on his original Super Mario Bros. sprite for the Classic Colors amiibo or his original sprite with modern colors for the Modern Colors amiibo. If Big Mario grabs a Big Mushroom of a different color, the Big Mushroom's color overrides Big Mario's (for example, collecting a Big Mushroom in classic colors as a modern colored Big Mario makes Big Mario gain classic colors).

Upon becoming Big Mario, several visual effects will change. Enemies will become Mario-themed, some wearing mustaches or Mario's cap, up to changing the appearance of other enemies altogether, such as Bullet Bills turning into miniature Luigis. The screen will also gain a filter that mimics the effect of a CRT television. These visual changes are purely aesthetic and do not alter gameplay, aside from Big Mario himself.

List of changes[edit]

Enemy Image Notes
Goomba SMM 30th Goomba.png Gives Goomba a Mario cap and mustache.
Koopa Troopa SMM 30th Green Koopa.png
SMM 30th Red Koopa.png
Gives green Koopa Troopa a Mario cap and mustache.
Red Koopa Troopa doesn't have a mustache, but it does wear Mario's cap backwards.
Piranha Plant/Fire Piranha Plant SMM 30th Piranha Plant.png
SMM 30th Fire Piranha Plant.png
Makes Piranha Plant red. It resembles Red Piranha Plant from Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels.
Bullet Bill/Bull's-Eye Bill SMM 30th Bullet Bill 1.png
SMM 30th Bullet Bill 2.png
SMM 30th Bull's Eye Bill.png
Bullet Bills change to small Luigis for the ground, underwater and airship themes. A somewhat larger variant of small Luigi will appear for the underground, ghost house and castle themes.

Bulls-Eye Bills are replaced with Toads.

Blooper/Blooper Nanny/Blooper Baby SMM 30th Blooper.png
SMM 30th Blooper Nanny.png
Gives Bloopers, Blooper Nannies, and Blooper Babies a Mario cap and mustache.
Bob-omb SMM 30th Bob-omb.png Bob-ombs are given a moustache, making them similar in appearance to King Bob-omb.
Boo/Circling Boo Buddies/Stretch SMM 30th Boo.png
Boos are given mustaches and large noses, making them similar in appearance to Boo Mario.

Stretches wear a Mario mask.

Buzzy Beetle SMM 30th Buzzy Beetle.png Gives them a mustache.
Cannon SMM 30th Cannon 1.png
SMM 30th Cannon 2.png
Cannons will shoot Luigis.

If shaken to become red, the faster cannonballs are replaced with Toads.

Chain Chomp SMM-SMB-Luigi-Chain-Chomp.png Chain Chomps are given Mario caps, and their posts are turned into Luigis.
Cheep Cheep SMM 30th Green Cheep Cheep.png
SMM 30th Red Cheep Cheep.png
Gives both variants of the Cheep Cheep a mustache, and causes their beak-like lips to become the round lips from later designs.
Dry Bones/Fish Bone SMM 30th Dry Bones.png
SMM 30th Fish Bone.png
Gives Dry Bones Mario's cap, a mustache, and is ridden by Luigi.
Fish Bone only has Mario's cap.
Hammer Bro/Sledge Bro SMM 30th Hammer Bro.png
SMM 30th Sledge Bro.png
Makes their helmets red, resembling Mario's cap, and gives them mustaches.
Lakitu SMM 30th Lakitu.png
Lakitus turns into Luigis, and its cloud gains a mustache covering the smile.
Lava Bubble SMM 30th Lava Bubble.png Gives Lava Bubbles a moustache and eyes.
Magikoopa SMM-SMB-Luigikoopa.png Magikoopas turn into Luigis in his Super form, clad in green robes.
Muncher SMM 30th Muncher 1.png
SMM 30th Muncher 2.png
Munchers are recolored sepia in the ground, underwater, and airship themes.

Munchers are given negative colors in the underground, castle, and ghost house themes.

Rocky Wrench/Monty Mole SMM 30th Rocky Wrench.png
SMM 30th Monty Mole.png
Gives both Rocky Wrenches and Monty Moles a Mario cap and mustache.
Spike Top SMM 30th Spike Top 1.png
SMM 30th Spike Top 2.png
Gives Spike Tops a mustache.
Spiny SMM 30th Spiny.png Gives Spinies a mustache.
Thwomp SMM 30th Thwomp.png Gives Thwomps a mustache and causes them to be constantly smiling.
Wiggler SMM 30th Wiggler.png
Gives Wigglers a Mario cap and mustache.
Koopa Clown Car/Fire Koopa Clown Car SMM-SMB-Moustached-ClownCar.png
Gives the Koopa Clown Car a mustache.

The Fire Koopa Clown Car becomes pink with a heart and Princess Peach's face on it.
Shoe Goomba SMM-SMB-Goomba'sBrick.png
Gives Shoe Goomba a Mario cap and mustache.

The normal Goomba's Shoe turns into a Brick Block, and the stiletto variant turns into a Warp Pipe.

Bowser/Bowser Jr. SMM-SMB-Bowser-Kidnapping-Princess-Peach.png
Gives Bowser a mustache and Princess Peach sitting on his back. If Bowser is damaged or defeated, Peach is revealed to be a Magikoopa in disguise.

Gives Bowser Jr. a mustache, Mario's cap, and Luigi sitting on him.