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Elephant Mario
Artwork of Elephant Mario from Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Applies to Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Yellow Toad, Blue Toad, Toadette
Item needed Elephant Fruit
Power(s) given Store and spray water, enlarged size, trunk attack
First appearance Super Mario Bros. Wonder (2023)
Latest appearance Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (version 13.0.2, spirit cameo) (2024)
“Wowie zowie!”
Elephant Mario, Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Elephant Mario[1] is the form Mario takes upon collecting an Elephant Fruit in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.


Super Mario Bros. Wonder[edit]

In Super Mario Bros. Wonder, while in this form, the character is transformed into a plump, anthropomorphic elephant, and they are able to attack and defeat enemies such as Goombas by swinging their trunk at them, similar to Raccoon Mario with his tail.[2][3] They can also break through blocks from below or the side, store water in their trunk and spray it on flowers, dash across two-block-wide gaps, and carry large snail shells.[4] Transforming into the Elephant form also has an effect on the level's music, changing the lead instrument to brass horns, reminiscent of an elephant trumpeting.[5] Upon transforming, all characters will say, "Wowie zowie!"

Other abilities the Elephant form possesses includes holding and throwing large shells, increased strength when pushing movable objects, breaking through multiple layers of blocks from below, collecting multiple coins from brick blocks all at once, and juggling shells or objects in the air repeatedly until they emit coins. The player can also score a combo and earn coins by breaking the fruits spat out by a Skedaddler multiple times in a row.

Unlike most other powerup transformations in the Mario series, this form transforms the character's physical body instead of being a suit of some kind: all characters lose their hair and shoes, though Mario and Luigi keep their mustaches and Peach and Daisy keep their eyelashes; all four of them also keep their eyebrows. While Mario and Luigi assume a typical gray coloration, Blue Toad becomes blue-gray, Yellow Toad becomes pale yellow, Peach and Toadette become pink, and Daisy becomes light orange. Furthermore, the Toads and Toadette's ears are rounded, while Peach and Daisy's are frilled and have their hair color inside with their earrings attached to their ears. They also have the same color on the tip of their tails and heart-shaped soles under their feet.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Elephant Mario was also made available as an Ace-class support spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in the "Showtime and Wonder Spirits!" spirit event that began on the same day as Princess Peach: Showtime!'s release on March 22, 2024. Applying the spirit to a character grants them slow super armor. Elephant Mario's puppet fighter in his spirit battle is a giant Mario, and the battle takes place in the Fountain of Dreams, referencing the fountains of the first level of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Welcome to the Flower Kingdom!, where the form is introduced. The giant Mario frequently uses his down special move, F.L.U.D.D., referencing Elephant Mario's ability to spray water.

Profiles and statistics[edit]

Super Mario Bros. Wonder[edit]

  • Trading card bio: In Elephant form, Mario can throw around his weight–and his nose! He can use his trunk to attack enemies, destroy blocks, and more.[6]
  • Website description:
    • Japanese:
      (Romanization: Hana o futte kōgekishitari, burokku o kowashitari. Mizu o sutte maitara, nanika ga okoru?)
      (Translation: Swing your trunk to attack and break blocks. If you suck up water and sprinkle it, what will happen?)
    • Czech:
      Přeměňte Maria do sloní podoby a chobotem odrážejte nepřátele![8]
    • Hungarian:
      Változz Elefánt Marióvá, és gyűrd le az ellenségeket ormányoddal![9]
    • Polish:
      Przemień się w Elephant Mario i użyj swojej trąby, aby pokonać wrogów![10]
    • Slovak:
      Přeměňte Maria do sloní podoby a chobotem odrážejte nepřátele![11]
  • Tips from the November 7, 2023 article on nintendo.com:
    • American English:
      Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. You’ll really pack(yderm) a punch with this transformation!
      • You’ll get some extra strength in Elephant form, so use it to your advantage. Break blocks and push stuff with some extra oomph!
      • Your trunk is great for swatting both enemies and blocks. Don’t forget that you can also crouch and swing your trunk as well (elephants never forget, but you might!).
      • Oftentimes, you’ll hold a bit of spare water in your trunk when you get wet. Try swinging your trunk to spray this water on a wilted flower bud or something hot to see what happens. (Or perhaps on a Goomba too … )
      • Try saying “Wowie zowie!” out loud when you transform. It won’t change anything at all, but it might feel right. [12][13]
    • French (Canada):
      À propos de l’éléphant dans la pièce. Cette transformation vous donnera plus de puissance!
      • Vous aurez plus de puissance sous la forme Éléphant, alors utilisez-la à votre avantage. Brisez des blocs et poussez les objets avec plus d’énergie!
      • Votre trompe est parfaite pour frapper ennemis et blocs. N’oubliez pas que vous pouvez aussi vous accroupir et balancer votre trompe (l’éléphant n’oublie jamais, mais vous pourriez!).
      • Très souvent, votre trompe renfermera un peu d’eau lorsque vous vous mouillez. Essayez de balancer votre trompe pour pulvériser cette eau sur une fleur flétrie ou quelque chose de chaud par curiosité. (Ou peut-être sur un Goomba aussi...)
      • Essayez de crier « Wowie zowie! » lors de votre transformation. Cela ne changera rien, mais vous pourriez vous sentir mieux. [14]
    • Portuguese (Brazil):
      Um elefante incomoda muitos... Goombas?! Essa transformação tem um toque especial!
      • Você terá mais força na transformação elefante, então use isso a seu favor. Quebre blocos e empurre coisas com um pouco mais de força!
      • Sua tromba é ótima para golpear inimigos e quebrar blocos. Não se esqueça de que você também pode se agachar e balançar a sua tromba (faça bom uso da sua “memória de elefante”).
      • Muitas vezes, você consegue guardar um pouco de água a mais em sua tromba quando se molha. Tente balançar a tromba para borrifar essa água em um botão de flor murcho ou em algo quente e veja o que acontece. (Em um Goomba também, talvez...)
      • Tente dizer “Wowie zowie!” em voz alta ao se transformar. Isso não vai mudar o rumo das coisas, mas talvez você se sinta especial. [15]
    • Spanish (Latin America):
      Dicen que los elefantes son muy inteligentes. La transformación Elefante no solo es una técnica inteligente... ¡también es poderosa!
      • Obtendrás algo de fuerza adicional en forma de elefante, así que asegúrate de aprovecharla. ¡Rompe bloques y empuja objetos con un poco más de fuerza!
      • Tu trompa es maravillosa para golpear enemigos y bloques. Recuerda que también puedes agacharte y golpear con ella (los elefantes tienen una excelente memoria, ¡así que no olvides este consejo!).
      • A menudo podrás almacenar un poco de agua en tu trompa cuando te mojes. Intenta mover la trompa para rociar el agua sobre una flor marchita o en algo candente para ver qué pasa. (O incluso sobre un Goomba también).
      • Intenta decir “Wowie zowie!” en voz alta cuando te transformes. No va a surtir un efecto especial, pero ¡es muy divertido! [16]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate spirit[edit]

#1526 Elephant Mario
Artwork of Elephant Mario from Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Series/game Super Mario Series
Type Support
Slots 2
Class Ace
Strength / effect(s) Slow Super Armor
How to obtain Spirit Board (version 13.0.2 or later)
Spirit battle Opponent(s) Giant Mario
  • The enemy has super armor but moves slower
  • The enemy favors down specials
  • The enemy is giant
Stage Fountain of Dreams
Song Ricco Harbor


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゾウマリオ[17]
Zō Mario
Elephant Mario

Chinese (traditional) 大象瑪利歐[18]
Dàxiàng Mǎlì'ōu
Elephant Mario

Czech sloní podoba[8]
elephant form
Dutch Olifant-Mario[19]
Elephant Mario
French Mario éléphant[20][21]
Elephant Mario
German Elefant-Mario[22]
Elephant Mario
Hungarian Elefánt Mario[9]
Elephant Mario
Italian Mario elefante[23]
Elephant Mario
Korean 코끼리마리오[24]
Kokkiri Mario
Elephant Mario

Polish Słoń Mario[citation needed]
Elephant Mario[10]
Elephant Mario
Portuguese (NOA) Mario elefante
Elephant Mario
Portuguese (NOE) Mario Elefante[25]
Elephant Mario
Russian Марио-слон
Elephant Mario

Slovak sloní podoba[11]
elephant form
Spanish Mario Elefante[26]
Elephant Mario


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