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Custom render of Skedaddler from Super Mario Bros. Wonder.
Rendered game model of a Skedaddler
First appearance Super Mario Bros. Wonder (2023)

Skedaddlers are enemies appearing in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. They are mammalian creatures resembling ground squirrels, covered in mainly orange and white fur, and sporting a black shell on their back. Their name comes from "skedaddle", a slang term meaning "to run away", referring to their behavior when a player approaches them. Skedaddlers appear in the levels Scram, Skedaddlers! and Wiggler Race Mountaineering! in Pipe-Rock Plateau, the first world of the game.

Skedaddlers' attack method is to spit seed-like projectiles at the player in a similar manner to Birdo, which fly horizontally until they hit something. These projectiles can interact with other objects, such as breaking peanut boxes. Skedaddlers stand in place until approached (either by a player or by an incoming Koopa Shell), at which point they flee to the opposite direction, running until they meet a wall or dead end. If they get sufficiently away from the player, they stop and start shooting again. Some Skedaddlers also hold items over their heads or have coins trailing behind them. In Scram, Skedaddlers!, one holds the level's Wonder Flower over its head, while another holds a Wonder Seed.

A character in Elephant form can use their trunk to hit a Skedaddler's projectiles, which will cause it to spit faster and darker projectiles. After hitting five in a row, coins will fall from above, and the Skedaddler will reset to its usual projectiles.[1] Yoshis can also swallow a Skedaddler's projectiles and fire the projectiles back at them or at other enemies.


Additional names[edit]

Internal names[edit]

Game File Name Meaning

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Model/EnemyUzapiyo.bfres.zs Uzapiyo Possibly from「ウザい」(uzai, "annoying") and「ピヨピヨ」(piyopiyo, onomatopoeia for bird's tweeting)
Super Mario Bros. Wonder Pack/Actor/EnemyUzaPiyo.pack.zs Uza Piyo Same as above
Super Mario Bros. Wonder Model/EnemyUzapiyoEgg.bfres.zs UzapiyoEgg For the projectile; "Egg" further indicates that Skedaddler was more bird-like or derived from Birdo

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ズラカル[2]
Katakana spelling of「ずらかる」("to flee")

Chinese (simplified) 逃跑卡尔
Táopǎo Kǎěr
"Run away" + a transliteration of「カル」

Chinese (traditional) 逃跑卡爾[3]
Táopǎo Kǎěr
"Run away" + a transliteration of「カル」

French Carapatte
Portmanteau of carapace ("shell") and patte ("paw"); also a pun on carapater ("to run away")
Italian Smammolo
Portmanteau of smammare ("to vamoose") and scoiattolo ("squirrel")
Korean 줄행랑쥐[4]
Portmanteau of "줄행랑치다" (julhaengrang-chida, "to flee") and "다람쥐" (daramjwi, "chipmunk"/"squirrel")

Portuguese Atirifoge[5]
Contraction of atira e foge ("shoots and runs")
Russian Гнуслик
Combination of суслик (suslik, "gopher") and гнусный (gnusnyy, "abominable")

Spanish Correveitire[6][7]
Portmanteau of correveidile[8] (meaning "tattler"; lit. "run, go and tell him/her"), correr ("to run"), and tire, one of the conjugations of tirar ("to shoot")


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