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An Outmaway's model from Super Mario Bros. Wonder.
First appearance Super Mario Bros. Wonder (2023)
Buster Beetle
Blue Beach Koopa

Outmaways are enemies that appear in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. They are round white enemies with red-rimmed ski goggles and red shoes that kick Ice Blocks and Shells in their way. Some Outmaways walk back and forth, behaving like a Goombrat, while others are stationary. They appear prominently in a level with their own name, Outmaway Valley, as well as A Final Uncharted Area: Poison Ruins and the Break Time! level Break Time! Kick It, Outmaway.

Their attack pattern is reminiscent of Buster Beetle from Super Mario Bros. 3, as well as blue Beach Koopas from Super Mario World. Their name is a shortening of the phrase "out of my way".


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ズンドコ
A meaningless term used in the Japanese song「ズンドコ節」(Zundoko-bushi)
Chinese 足小子
Foot Guy
Dutch Outmaway -
French Taptou Grammatical shortcut from "tape tout" (kick everything)
German Platzda From "Platz da!" (out of my way!)
Italian Scalciotto From "scalciare" (to kick) and the diminutive suffix "-otto"
Korean 뻥차
From "뻥" (ppeong), which is possibly from a Korean reading of「ポン」(pon, onomatopoeia for striking), and "차다" (chada, to kick)
Portuguese Chutalino Contraction of "chuta ali" (kick it there), combined with the diminutive suffix "-ino"
Russian Кышка
From "кыш" (kysh, shoo!) and possibly "кошка" (koshka, cat)
Spanish Patapatí Portmanteau of "patada" (kick) and "pa'ti", which is from "para ti" (for you)