Trottin' Piranha Plant

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This article is about an enemy appearing in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. For the level based around the same enemy from the same game, see Trottin' Piranha Plants (level).
Trottin' Piranha Plant
Artwork of Trottin' Piranha Plants singing due to a Wonder Effect
First appearance Super Mario Bros. Wonder (2023)
Variant of Piranha Plant
Big Trottin' Piranha Plant
Trottin' Bone Piranha Plant
Stalking Piranha Plant
“Walking plants, huh? Almost as weird as talking plants.”
Talking Flower, Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Trottin' Piranha Plants[1] are variants of Piranha Plants in Super Mario Bros. Wonder that can walk along the ground similarly to Ptooies. They can also walk on ceilings. They can be found emerging from Warp Pipes, though some are found already walking. They most prominently appear in the level Piranha Plants on Parade in Pipe-Rock Plateau, which includes a Wonder Effect in which they sing, a Break Time! level in Fungi Mines named after them, and in The Semifinal Test Piranha Plant Reprise in the Special World.

A variant of Bone Piranha Plants that acts like Trottin' Piranha Plants appears in Fluff-Puff Peaks Palace.

Because of their specific anatomy of having no pipe attached to them, while consisting of legs and leaves for arms, they are similar to Petey Piranha and all his variations.


  • Trading card bio: These walking Piranha Plants will start singing once a certain Wonder Flower in Pipe-Rock Plateau is touched.


Additional names[edit]

Internal localized names[edit]

The following names were found in Name_Enemy.msbt within G:/romfs/Mals/.

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Lopende Piranha Plant Walking Piranha Plant
French (NOA) Fleur Piranha joggeuse Jogger Piranha Flower
French (NOE) Plante Piranha joggeuse Jogger Piranha Plant
German Mobile Piranha-Pflanze Mobile Piranha Plant
Italian Pianta Piranha sprint Sprint Piranha Plant
Portuguese (NOE) Planta Piranha Andarilha Wandering Piranha Plant
Spanish Planta Piraña Correteadora Running Around Piranha Plant

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ランラン パックン
Ran-ran Pakkun
Run-run Piranha Plant; likely following the naming of「テクテク パックン」(Tekuteku Pakkun, Stalking Piranha Plant) and「フーフー パックン」(Fūfū Pakkun, Ptooie)
Chinese (Simplified) 跑跑吞食花
Pǎopǎo Tūnshíhuā
Run-run Piranha Plant
Korean 런런뻐끔
Reon-reon Ppeokkeum
Run-run Piranha Plant
Portuguese (NOA) Planta Piranha andarilha[2] Wandering Piranha Plant
Russian Пиранья-топотун
Trampling Piranha