Mogura Mario

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Mogura Mario
Mario becomes Mogura Mario
Applies to Mario
Item needed Shades
Power(s) given Digging into the ground
First appearance Super Mario-kun volume 1 (1991)

Mogura Mario is a transformation that Mario comes across in Super Mario-kun volume 1.

Upon reaching a wall that blocks Mario from proceeding in the level on ground and in the air, Isshī gives him another of the hypothetical Super Mario Bros. 5's power-ups, which transforms him into Mogura Mario to let him proceed underground (due to the absence of Warp Pipes). In this form, Mario wears a Monty Mole costume and can dig through the ground.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese モグラマリオ
Mogura Mario
Mole Mario

French Mario Taupe[1]
Mole Mario


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