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Not to be confused with Fire Mario.
Fireball Mario
Fireball Mario first appearance
Applies to Mario
Item needed Multiple Fire Flowers
Power(s) given Fire aura
First appearance Super Mario-kun volume 1 (1991)
Latest appearance Super Mario-kun volume 7 (1993)

Fireball Mario is an original transformation that only appears in the Super Mario World story arc in Super Mario-kun. It is a substitute for Fire Mario since, in the first period of the manga, Mario is always capable of throwing fireballs.


Super Mario-kun[edit]

The transformation first appears in chapter 5 of the first volume: running away from Porcu-Puffer, Yoshi lays an egg with many Fire Flowers inside. The Fire Flowers latches themselves to Mario and give him a fire aura that he uses to defeat the Porcu-Puffer. Mario then grabs Yoshi and Luigi and leaves the level, passing through a Keyhole, but being still fiery, Mario burns his friends. After they escape, the transformation vanishes.

In chapter 12 of volume 2, while Mario is fighting a torpedo tube's hand, Yoshi tosses a ? Block full of Fire Flowers at him, turning him into Fireball Mario and allowing him to win.

In chapter 7 of volume 5, to defeat some vines, Mario reaches for the Fire Flower reserve in his pocket, becomes Fireball Mario, and burns the vines. During the process, he ends up burning Luigi, Yoshi, and himself as well.

Fireball Mario's last appearance is in two chapters of volume 6. In chapter 7, while traversing Gnarly, the vines attack the trio. Mario is tossed against a ? Block from which a vine, with Fire Flowers instead of leaves, sprouts. Grabbing the Fire Flowers, Mario uses the fire aura to kill the evil vines, burning his tangled friends once again. In chapter 12 of the same volume, while Mario and Bowser are fighting in a Balloon Battle, Mario bursts Bowser's first balloon, which releases multiple Monty Moles. While distracted by the Monty Moles, two of Mario's balloons are popped, so he uses a Fire Flower to gain the fire aura and defeats the Monty Moles. However, in this occasion, Mario calls the transformation "Fire Mario" (ファイアマリオ).

In chapter 6 of volume 7, Carrot passes a Fire Flower to Mario to help him free himself from the octopus's tentacles, burning him with the fire aura. This time, Mario gets burned by his aura, though in a different manner from last time.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 火の玉ファイアボールマリオ
Faiabōru Mario
Fireball Mario

French Mario's on Fire[1]
Mario Torche de Feu[2]
Fire Mario[3]
Mario Boule de Feu[4]
Mario Fire[5]

Fire Torch Mario
Fireball Mario


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