Moon (Super Mario Maker 2)

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The Moon in the New Super Mario Bros. U style
A crescent moon that follows the player.

First appearance

Super Mario Maker 2 (2019)

The Moon is a course part introduced in Super Mario Maker 2. It is a crescent moon with a face, similar to 3-Up Moons and the moon found in the Space Zone of Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins. It serves as an alternate form of the Angry Sun.


When a Moon is placed in a course in the editor mode, the current theme switches to a 'night' variant with different properties than the normal daytime one. However, after it has been placed once, the night variant of every theme becomes selectable from the menu, and the Moon will not need to be placed again to trigger night mode from that point onward. In addition to unique level effects, nighttime levels have a starry background, with the exception of Ghost House, Airship, and Underwater levels, which have darker versions of their respective backgrounds; a music-box version of the level's music plays instead of the standard one. Stiletto Goombas play an 8-bit drum beat while walking, and the laughing sound that plays while flutter jumping in a winged Goomba's Stiletto is bit-crushed.

In gameplay, unlike the Angry Sun, the Moon does not harm the playable characters upon contact; when touched, it instead defeats every enemy on the screen, similar to a POW Block or a Lucky Star.

The Moon, along with the Angry Sun, is absent in the Super Mario 3D World game style. As such, the night theme is not present in it.

Level effects[edit]


Theme Night-time effect
Ground Causes many different behavior changes in certain items and enemies (see below)
Underground Level is flipped upside-down
Underwater Level is completely dark except for a small radius around the player and certain objects; the radius changes based on the status of the ON/OFF Switch
Ghost House
Airship Cosmetic thunder and rain effects (except in the Super Mario Bros. style); all enemies behave as if underwater or in low gravity
Castle Characters swim in the air, everything else behaves as normal
Desert Strong winds blow (direction and frequency depends on game style, see below)
Snow All walkable surfaces have reduced traction
Forest Water is turned into poison
Sky Low gravity for all players and Spinies; all other enemies behave as if underwater

Night-time Ground theme effects[edit]


Item Night-time Ground theme effect
Super Mushroom/Big Mushroom Continuously bounces while trying to avoid the player, like a Super Star.
Fire Flower Travels along the ground while trying to avoid the player. If it hits a wall, it will attempt to jump over it.
Super Leaf Floats upwards.
Cape Feather Descends slower and over a wider radius.
Propeller Mushroom Moves around diagonally, constantly changing its direction.
1-Up Mushroom Replaced with Rotten Mushroom.
Link's bomb Grows legs and walks in the direction they were thrown. They stop when they are jumped on or hit a wall.
SMB2 Mushroom Bounces whenever the player jumps.
Frog Suit Bounces back and forth.
Power Balloon Flies around in a circular motion.
Super Acorn Bounces at various heights while moving.
Stiletto Plays a drum loop whenever steps are being taken while riding it. The drum beat is different depending on if the style is set to Super Mario Bros. or Super Mario Bros. 3. The laughter sound that plays while flutter jumping in a winged stiletto is bit-crushed.


Item Night-time Ground theme effect
Goomba/Wiggler Floats in the air, behaving as if they were underwater.
Chain Chomp Has longer chains.
Boo Exhibits opposite behavior than normal, chasing the player only when they are being looked at.
Boo Buddies Chases the player (while still maintaining the spinning ring) if not looked at and stops (both moving and rotating) if looked at.
Thwomp Slowly moves so they can hit the player if not looked at, similar to Boos.
Stretch Stops moving (and doesn't disappear) if the player is facing them.
Spike Ball Rolls while targeting the player. The ones thrown by Spikes in the Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 3 styles will also follow the player in the air.
Pokey Floats through the air in a wave-like pattern, and chases the player if winged.
Mechakoopa Periodically flies into the air using jet boosters on their feet.

Night-time Desert theme effects[edit]

Styles Wind direction and frequency
Super Mario Bros. style Blow left periodically
Super Mario Bros. 3 style Blow right periodically
Super Mario World style Makes the periodic wind constantly switch between left or right
New Super Mario Bros. U style Blow right constantly




Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Luna Moon
Chinese 月亮