Hae Yoshi

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Hae Yoshi
Hae Yoshi
Applies to Yoshi
Item needed King Watinga
Power(s) given Fusion with King Watinga, summoning flies
First appearance Super Mario-kun volume 5 (1992)

Hae Yoshi is an original form that Yoshi takes in Super Mario-kun volume 5.

In chapter 10, Mario, Luigi and Yoshi are fighting Lemmy, who is using the many Mario Paint features against them. At one point, Lemmy summons King Watinga. Before he can fully come out from the TV screen, though, Mario tosses Yoshi at him, fusing the two together to form Hae Yoshi. Yoshi turns evil and attacks the Mario Bros. summoning many flies to attack them, but they quickly defeat them. Mario then tries to spray Hae Yoshi with a bug spray, but ends up angering him. Mario then dodges one of Hae Yoshi's attacks, making him land the hit on Lemmy, who flies out of the control panel. Mario takes control and, using three Super Mushrooms, summons the eraser's power and deletes Hae Yoshi. Later, Mario is seen attempting to redraw Yoshi on Lemmy's rigged copy of Mario Paint to summon Yoshi back.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハエヨッシー
Hae Yosshī
Fly Yoshi