Super Yoshi (form)

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Super Yoshi
Artwork of Red Yoshi running up a hill with Baby Mario, from Yoshi's New Island.
Applies to Yoshi
Item needed Yoshi Star, Red Yoshi Star
Power(s) given Invincibility, super speed, and the ability to run up walls (Yoshi Star only)
Blast through enemies and walls (Red Yoshi Star only)
First appearance Yoshi's New Island (2014)

Super Yoshi is a form found in Yoshi's New Island. When a Yoshi collects a Yoshi Star, it turns into Super Yoshi, gaining invincibility, the ability to walk on walls, and increased running speed, similarly to the Super Star from the previous games.

If a Yoshi collects a Red Yoshi Star, it gets the power to blast through enemies and walls.

Both items' effects wear off after a short while, though the form can be maintained by collecting more Yoshi Stars of the respective color. Super Yoshi's theme is an arrangement of Superstar Mario's theme from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スーパーヨッシー
Sūpā Yosshī
Super Yoshi
Italian Super Yoshi -