Bobsled Yoshi

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Bobsled Yoshi
Bobsled Yoshi from Yoshi's New Island
Applies to Yoshi
Item needed Whirly Gate
Power(s) given Skis downhill.
First appearance Yoshi's New Island (2014)

Bobsled Yoshi (also known as Bobsleigh Yoshi in PAL regions, or simply Bobsled[1]) is a form the Yoshis can transform into in Yoshi's New Island by entering a door with a bobsled sign on it.

In this form, the Yoshi can jump to grab items and avoid hazards; he moves much faster than in his normal form, especially on slopes. Like all forms, Yoshi only has a limited amount of time before he reverts to normal and is sent back to the door; clocks scattered about the obstacle course provide the Yoshi with more time. Going through a ring will simply return the Yoshi to normal.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese そり
Dutch Bobslee-Yoshi Bobsleigh Yoshi
French (NOA) Yoshi bobsleigh Bobsleigh Yoshi
French (NOE) Yoshi luge Luge Yoshi
German Schlittenyoshi Sled Yoshi
Italian Yoshi Bob Yoshi Bob
Portuguese (NOE) Trenó Sled
Russian Йоши-сани
Sled Yoshi
Spanish Trineo Sled


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