Metal Eggdozer

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Metal Eggdozer
Artwork of Baby Mario and Yoshi swimming, from Yoshi's New Island.
First appearance Yoshi's New Island (2014)
Screenshot of Yoshi's New Island.

A Metal Eggdozer is an item found in Yoshi's New Island. They are metallic and smaller versions of the Mega Eggdozer that Yoshis can use by swallowing a Metal Guy and can use them to break walls or obstacles by rolling them along the ground like a bowling ball. Unlike Mega Eggdozers, Yoshis cannot earn additional lives from the destruction a Metal Eggdozer causes. Metal Eggdozers will also reduce the Yoshi's jump height. When a Metal Eggdozer comes into contact with something unbreakable, it turns yellow and then goes the other way. If this happens one more time, it turns red and finally comes off screen after another hit. They are also essential in Bowser's boss battle and can also go underwater, where they are primarily used. They are found in Koopa Canyon, Rise of the Nasty Nep-Enuts, Slime Drop Drama, Lose the Lunge Fish, King Clawdaddy's Sewer Castle, Metal Eggdozers on a Roll, Bandit Valley, and Make Way for King Bowser!.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese テツタマゴ
Tetsu Tamago
Iron Egg

Dutch Metalen ei
Metal egg
French Destruct'œuf en métal[1]
"Destruct'œuf" come from "Destruction" (same in english) and from œuf (egg). So is Metal Destruction egg.
German Metall-Ei
Metal egg
Italian Ovone metallico
Big metallic egg
Korean 메탈알
Metal Egg

Portuguese (NOE) Demolidovo de ferro
Russian Металлояйцо
Metal egg

Spanish (NOA) Huevote metálico
Metal Egg
Spanish (NOE) Huevo metálico
Metal Egg