Yoshi's New Island Match-Up

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Yoshi's New Island Match-Up
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Browser
Mode(s) Single player
Input Mouse/touchscreen

Yoshi's New Island Match-Up, referred to as Yoshi Nintendo Match Game in the name of its web page, is a Memory Match-up activity on the Play Nintendo website.[1] It features characters and items from Yoshi's New Island.


YoshiNewIslandMatchUp hardmode.png

Before the game starts, the player must pick a difficulty level: Easy (which features eight cards and starts at 5000 points), Medium (which features twelve cards and starts at 9000 points), and Hard (which features twenty-four cards and starts at 12000 points). During the game, the player has to match up all of the cards as quickly as possible, while keeping an eye on the score which deducts 100 points to the time bonus for every second elapsed. Each match is worth 500 points. Once the player matches every card, they receive a final score as well as a "What's THAT?" button to find out more about the characters and items they saw during their game.


Name Description
Baby Mario Yoshi has volunteered to help Baby Mario reunite with Baby Luigi.
Bandit These enemies steal things...even babies!
Bobsled transformation Zoom across snowy landscapes.
Coin Collect as many as you can to earn more lives.
Crazee Dayzee Somewhat gentle enemies that populate Yoshi's New Island.
Egg The most important item in Yoshi's inventory.
Fishin' Lakitu Flying enemies. Watch out for their fishing lines.
Grim Leecher on Yoshi These naughty enemies will hop on Yoshi and confuse him.
Helicopter transformation Fly through tricky, bottomless parts of levels.
Hot-Air Balloon transformation Float up through the sky and grab collectibles.
Ice Watermelon Yoshi breathes ice when he eats one of these.
Jackhammer transformation Use it to break through tough rocks.
Little Mouser Little Mousers love eggs, and won't hesitate to nab Yoshi's.
Mine Cart transformation Quickly cart your way through levels.
Petal Guy These enemies hide themselves with the flowers on their head.
Piranha Plant Don't get caught by one of these!
Red Yoshi Star Blast through tough obstacles while zooming through levels.
Smiley Flower One of many collectibles hidden throughout Yoshi's New Island.
Snifit Watch out for the projectiles these enemies shoot.
Stars You'll want to gather these to save on time.
Submarine transformation Swim underwater and launch torpedoes at enemies and obstacles.
Ukiki Enemies that will attack Yoshi–watch out for them on vines.
Winged Clouds Hit these with an egg for helpful items.
Yoshi and Baby Mario One of Yoshi's special talents is making eggs.

Description and tagline[edit]

Yoshi and his colorful friends are here to test your memory and share some goodies from the Yoshi's New Island game. You can learn more by visiting the official site.

Yoshi's New Island Match-Up
This is a different kind of egg hunt.



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