Crafty Collage Maker

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Crafty Collage Maker
The title screen of Crafty Collage Maker
Title screen
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Browser
Rating(s) N/A
Input Mouse

Crafty Collage Maker, referred to as Yoshi's Crafted World Online Collage Maker in the name of its webpage, is an activity available on the Play Nintendo website.[1] The activity was made to promote the release of Yoshi's Crafted World and is a program that allows players to make their own collages using elements such as items and characters from that game.


The player starts on the title screen, where they must click the "Start" button to begin the activity. On the next screen, the player has a choice of three artboards: Desktop, Letter, and Square. After this, the player is taken to the main customization screen, where they can customize their collage using elements from Yoshi's Crafted World. The player can also change their artboard orientation, clear all current elements on screen, and choose a random pre-made design. Once the player is done creating their collage, they can click the "I'm done" button and can download their collage to their device.







The following are possible results when choosing "Randomize":

Website description[edit]

Crafty fun with the Crafty Collage Maker

You can create a handcrafted world with characters and items inspired by the Yoshi’s Crafted World game. You can decorate a scene with Yoshi eggs, flowers, and other cute items. You can even turn your artwork into a calendar or picture frame! Plus, you can download your artwork to print or share.

Crafty Collage Maker

You can create a collage of characters, items, and more!



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