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Postcard Creator
Title screen of a Super Mario Odyssey Postcard Creator
Title screen
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Browser
Rating(s) N/A
Input Mouse/touchscreen

Postcard Creator, referred to as Super Mario Odyssey Selfie Filters in the title of its webpage, is an activity on the Play Nintendo website.[1] It is an application that allows users to customize Super Mario Odyssey-themed postcards using photographs of themselves and their friends.


The user is first prompted to select a location from Super Mario Odyssey* as the background of their postcard. Their next step is to upload a photograph from their device, which they may reposition and trim out in a canvas. The photograph is then superimposed on the chosen background, and the player can proceed customizing the postcard using Super Mario Odyssey elements from two scrollable lists; one featuring frame designs as well as the option to change the background location, and the other featuring characters and enemies from the game. On the customization screen, the user can also choose to add a second photograph, which will prompt them to follow the same editing procedure as the previous photograph before it is added to the postcard. When ready, the user can click "Save image", which will put a Nintendo Switch logo at the top-right corner of the postcard, then click "Download" to download their postcard in an archive file.

The Jump Up, Super Star! song plays in the background, and the activity features a button to toggle the music on or off. At any point past the location selection screen, the user can choose to start their postcard over, which will delete their current progress.

* - New Donk City, Fossil Falls, Tostarena, Steam Gardens, Bonneton, or Mount Volbono


Frames and backgrounds[edit]


When added to the postcard, these can be repositioned and resized.

Website descriptions[edit]

Wish you were here
Postcards are a fun way to let people see where you went on vacation. You can snap a selfie and make a custom postcard with Cappy! Friends and family will be amazed that you took a vacation to a kingdom from the Super Mario Odyssey game.

Greetings from New Donk City
You can create a custom postcard with the snap of a photo!



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