Hat Trampoline

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This article is about the object found in several kingdoms in Super Mario Odyssey that allows Mario to perform aerial Spin Jumps. For the similarly-named object found only in the Cascade Kingdom in the same game that acts only as a trampoline, see Hat trampoline (Cascade Kingdom).
Hat Trampoline
Hat Trampoline SMO.jpg

First appearance

Super Mario Odyssey (2017)

Effect on player

Launches Mario high into the air.

Hat Trampolines[1] are objects that appear in Super Mario Odyssey. They are red flowers that are closed when first seen, however, when Cappy is thrown at them, Mario captures/leads a Bullet Bill into one, Ground Pounds on one, or throws a Seed at one, they will open up. When Mario touches them in this state, they will launch him into the air, making him perform a Spin Jump in the air, similar to how Mario does a Spin Jump after jumping on a Spindrift in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS. Some Hat Trampolines, primarily those seen in bonus areas, are open without having to throw Cappy at them.


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