Bonneter biologist

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Bonneter biologist
SMO Wooded Moon 70.png
Species Bonneter
First appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)

The Bonneter biologist is a Bonneter who appears post-game in Super Mario Odyssey. He appears in the Wooded Kingdom, the Lost Kingdom, the Snow Kingdom, and Bowser's Kingdom. In each, he asks Mario to bring him one of the indigenous creatures by capturing so he can examine how their bodies work, rewarding him with a Power Moon each time.

  • In the Wooded Kingdom, he wants to know how an Uproot stretches its legs, and finds that they telescope outwards.
  • In the Lost Kingdom, he wants to know how a Tropical Wiggler stretches its body, and finds it works like an accordion.
  • In the Snow Kingdom, he wants to know how a Snow Cheep Cheep keeps its body insulated in the freezing water, and finds that its round body shape and mouth help with it.
  • In Bowser's Kingdom, he wants to know how a Pokio stretches its beak, and finds that it appears short at first due to being in a hyperfolded state, which unfolds when it opens its mouth.


  • A similar mission is available earlier in the Lake Kingdom, where a Lochlady asks to see a Cheep Cheep up close. However, she is not interested in studying it, but rather finds it cute.