Jaxi Stand

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Jaxi Stand
Artwork of a Jaxi Stand from Super Mario Odyssey.
First appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)

Jaxi Stands[1] are objects that appear in Super Mario Odyssey. They appear only in the Sand Kingdom, where they are used to call Jaxis to the stands' locations. Each Jaxi Stand features a depiction of a Jaxi and the Inverted Pyramid with a sombrero on top for the sign and a bigger sombrero for the base. Additionally, every Jaxi Stand is accompanied by a bench. Jaxi Stands appear in six locations across the Sand Kingdom: Tostarena Town, Desert Oasis, Tostarena Ruins Entrance, Tostarena Northwest Reaches, Jaxi Ruins, and atop the Inverted Pyramid. Using the Jaxi Stand on the Inverted Pyramid is the only way to ride a Jaxi in that location and, by extension, the only way to collect the "Welcome Back, Jaxi!" Power Moon. Throwing Cappy onto a Jaxi Stand rewards Mario with a coin.


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