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Squared screenshot of a bird from Super Mario Odyssey.
Squared screenshot
First appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)

Birds are animals endemic to the Sand Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. Only two appear, both soaring over the desert. Each one is holding a Power Moon that it releases once struck by Cappy. Both travel in consistent patterns. They resemble hawks.

One bird is the focus of Bird Traveling the Desert, where it is found in the southeastern portions of Tostarena. It is easiest to strike when it draws near the Desert Oasis, where it soars close to the tops of palm trees, but it is also easy to reach when it draws near the buildings of Tostarena Town. The second bird is the focus of the Bird Traveling the Wastes, which becomes available only once the objective The Hole in the Desert is completed. The bird soars between Tostarena Ruins and the entrance of Jaxi Ruins, which is surrounded by poison.

Unlike the small birds that appear throughout the game, these big birds never land and do not have unique behaviors with Mario. Unlike all other birds, they do not appear in the Mushroom Kingdom after Princess Peach and Tiara return to Peach's Castle. These birds are realistic. Although the Sand Kingdom is based on Mexico,[1] they do not closely resemble any hawks native to that country. They are most similar to black kites, a common raptor in East Asia.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 渡り鳥[2]
Watari Tori
Migratory Bird

Chinese (simplified) 候鸟[2]

Chinese (traditional) 候鳥[2]

Dutch Vogel[2]
French Volatile[2]
Term for any flying animal, most typically birds
Italian Uccello errante[2]
Wandering bird
Korean 철새[2]
Migratory Bird

Russian Птица[2]

Spanish Ave errante[2]
Wandering bird